Tuesday, 30 December 2008

NEWS: Slot.it Jaguar XJR 12

Slot.it Jaguar XJR 12
LeMans 1991 #33

Slot.it will soon be releasing a very impressive livery of their popular Jaguar XJR 12. The number 33 Jaguar raced at Lemans in 1991 finishing an impressive 4th (6 laps behind the winning car) and was driven by Derek Warwick (GB)/John Nielsen (DK)/Andy Wallace (GB). The car's colour is described as 'violet'. Whatever colour it is, it sure works for me especially with those stunning gold front mags.

Sister Jaguar's number 34 and 35 finished 3rd and 2nd respectively which makes you wonder if Slot.it will release these 3 cars as a box set? Sure would be a stunning set but I would think Slot.it will stay true to the "LeMANS WINNERS COLLECTION", only featuring LeMans winning cars.

For more information about the 1991 Le Mans race,