Monday, 13 January 2014

EVENT: WRP 2014 call for entries

World Rally Proxy 2014
Call for expression of interest

Entries for the 2014 running of the World rally slot car proxy are currently being taken, you have until the 18th of January to put your name down to enter the event.  The WRP was run last year to great success and saw prepared slot cars from more than 40 entrants sent to some amazing destinations (Australia, Isle of Mann, Italy, England, Scotland and Greece) to compete in a 12 round competition.

What I find particularly appealing about the proxy is that the rules are straight forward and simple enough to understand.  You don't have to be a slot car tuning genius to setup a car and have some fun.  All cars run the same tyres, (MJKs provided by the event organisers) and all entries have to be SCX WRC rally cars produced through the years 1999 to 2010.  As a result, the series has a level playing field which hopefully results in a good degree of competition for the entries.

You can read the complete WRP 2014 series rules HERE

You might be thinking that the WRP is an official racing series organised by SCX slot cars but it's not.  The series is a private non-profit initiative organised by slot car enthusiasts for slot car enthusiasts around the World.

The series consist of only one class, you can see the eligible slot car in detail on Auslot HERE  (plenty of choices I'm sure you'll agree)

Entry fee is $AU38 (which can be paid via PayPal) which need to be paid by 1 February 2014.  Your entry fee covers the cost of; sending each entrant a set of control tyres, sending you car between international rally tracks, the return of you car after the series has ended and the distribution of prizes.  Any remaining funds are added to prize pool.

If you're interested, you can enter the proxy by putting your name down on the Auslot forum  HERE but you only have till the 18th of January so get in quick.

Who knows, it might be your name on a trophy this year!

Below are photos from some of the stages run during the 2013 WRP.

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