Tuesday, 26 April 2011

NEWS: Scalextric Ford Mustang

C3088 'Bill Todd, US SVRA vintage racing series'

Scalextric have just released the complete badarse looking Bill Todd US SVRA (Sportscar Vintage Racing Association) liveried Ford Mustang.  As we would expect from a Scalextric Mustang, detail and finish levels are excellent and as we all know these little babies go like pocket rockets!!

This from Scalextric: 'This car is raced by Bill Todd in the US SVRA vintage racing series and is ideal to race against all of the Scalextric American muscle car range including Corvette Stingray, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Ford Torino cars. Exclusively produced by Scalextric.'

You can read more on the Scalextric Website Here


NEWS: Mercedes GP F1

C3167 '2011 Schumacher'

Scalextric have just released some stunning photos of the highly anticipated 2011 Petronas Mercedes GP F1.  Driven by Michael Schumacher, the striking Petronas Mercedes F1 in silver is bound to be very popular with the F1 crowd, I know I'm getting one!

This from Paddock Talk: 'The new silver and green livery creates a true marriage between the heritage of the Silver Arrows and the team’s title partner PETRONAS. The legacy of the Silver Arrows goes back to the 1934 Eifel Race when, on the evening before the event, the white paint was sanded off the Mercedes W25 race car to fulfil weight regulations (750kg formula) and the silver colour of the aluminium surface of the car appeared. This season, with the return of the Silver Arrows, the MGP W01 will shine in silver combined with a flow of iridescent silver shading. On the nose and on other parts of the car traces of black carbon fibre visible are visible – a reminder of the first Silver Arrow of 1934.'

You can read more on the Scalextric Website Here


NEWS: Scalextric Ford GT-R

C3088 'Robertson Racing Poloti'

Scalextric have just released the Robertson Racing Poloti liveried Ford GT-R.  Detail and finish levels look excellent and for those that don't already have a Ford GT, these are great on a plastic track.

This from Scalextric: 'This Robertson Racing Ford GT competed in the American Le Mans Series driven by David Robertson, Andrea Robertson and David Murry. The Ford GT 2004 is a modern version of the Ford GT40 from the 1960s. The car is now being entered into GT racing around the world.'

You can read more on the Scalextric Website Here


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

NEWS: Más Slot Apr 2011

Más Slot No.106, April 2011

Más Slot No.106 (April 2011) has been published and even if you can't read Spanish the photography makes for a gripping viewing, (be sure to click on the below image for full screen mode and you can flick through the publication.)


Monday, 18 April 2011


Ninco/XLOT BMW M3 E30

Ninco is about to add a new mode to their 1/28 XLOT range, the BMW M3 E30.  The first livery to be released will be the beautifully liveried Warsteiner M3 and boy does it look impressive!  The below movie gives you some concept of the chassis and drive design.

You can head over to the Ninco Website for more information.


NEWS: Avant Slot Mirage Gr8

Mirage Gr8 Ford Cosworth DFV
'2nd Le Mans 1976' 

Avant Slot have just released an all new exciting slot model, the Mirage Gr8 reference number 51201. The Grand Touring Cars Inc. Mirage was raced at Le Mans in 1976 and finished an impressive 2nd driven by Jean-Louis Lafosse and Francois Migault.

Paint and decal finish look very impressive and the chassis set-up is classic Avant Slot design.  The bettom image shows the chassis with 3 magnets in place but I'd be surprised if the Mirage was shipped with any more than one. :)

You can find out more about this releases from the Avant Slot Website


NEWS: Ninco Corvette 1956

Ninco Corvette 1956 'Speed Record'

Ninco is about to release the Corvette that set the speed record for production cars in 1956.  The Ninco classic has a strong following, this one will sell quick!

This from 'The Corvette Story' website: 'Chevrolet went racing with the latest Corvette and was rewarded with excellent success. It started in January 1956 when John Fitch set a production car record of 145 MPH at Daytona Speed Week. He then drove a stock 1956 Corvette at the NASCAR speed week Flying Mile event in Daytona, setting a speed record of 145.543 mph.'

Head over to the Ninco Website Here for more information.


NEWS: NSR Corvette 'Road Version'

NSR Corvette C6R
'Road Version' 

Italia Slot have published some photos of NSR's latest Corvette C6R, the blue and red 'road versions'.  Paint finish looks excellent (particularly the red) but the greyish looking wheel inserts let the car down a little I think - Of course that would be an easy fix with a little spray paint.

These 'road versions' are bound to be popular given the slot communities demand for the release of NSR's Corvette C6R but I think most slotters will hold out for the 'No Prisoners' and Compuware liveries.

You can find out more about this releases from the Italia Slot Website Here


NEWS: Ferrari 2012 FF

Ferrari 2012 FF is released!

From Autoblog.com: 'FF means "Ferrari Four" and this unashamedly standout model will most likely cost around $300,000 when it hits North American ports in the end of October of this year. That's cheap. Why keep a $173,200 Porsche Panamera Turbo S, a $39,680 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4, a $111,100 Corvette ZR1, and a $21,200 Ford Transit Connect cluttered in your drive, when you can save both money and garage space by snapping up the ingenious and rare all-wheel-drive 651-horsepower Ferrari FF and call it a day? For that matter, why buy a house when you can have all the comfort and room we took advantage of inside the FF? The leather is luscious and an optional Schedoni [pronounced ske-DOH-nee] luggage set outfitted in the same hides runs around $10k.'

'And seeing as there has been a real challenge for anyone selling 12-cylinder cars lately, any new V12 needs to be about a lot more than simply the engine and its power. That said, even the 6.3-liter "F140 EB" V12 sitting front/amidships in the FF possesses a raft of sophisticated improvements. Nuances to the FF's engine almost make the outgoing 612 Scaglietti's F133 F 5.7-liter V12 and its 536 horsepower seem historic. The 6.3-liter has more in common with the 611-to-661-hp 6.0-liter V12 in the 599 line. Just add 200-psi direct injection and new "reed" valves in the dry sump to keep oil from seeping back up with the pistons. Voila! 651 hp and 504 pound feet of torque and at least a 15-percent improvement in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.'

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Saturday, 16 April 2011

NEWS: NSR Porsche 997

NSR Porsche 997
'Rally Portugal 2008' 

Italia Slot have just published some impressive photos of NSR's latest angle-winder rally Porsche 997, the Rally Portugal 2008 livery reference NSR1061AW.

This is the first 'actual' racing livery for NSR's Porsche 997 and the colours work well enough for me.  I'd like to see NSR release a 'dirt effect' 997 livery in the future, after all this is a rally car right?

You can find out more about this releases from the Italia Slot Website Here