Sunday, 27 January 2008

IMMORTAL: Scalex Camaro

Scalextric Chevrolet Camaro

From time to time, ManicSlots is going to take a look at some of the 'immortal' slot cars that have been produced since the 'Fly' revolution of 1996. In 1996 Fly released the Viper, a slot car that would change the direction of the 1/32 slot car industry forever! Fly let us know that slot cars could actually resemble a racing car and introduced the slot car industry to the 'D' word, detail!

Scalextric really knew what they were doing when they decided to release the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang. The Mustang and Camaro have to be Scalextrics most liveried slot cars and therefore arguably, their most successful. Of all the Camaro liveries that Scalextric have released, the Bob Jane Camaros of the ATCC 1971 and 1972 have to be the most popular in Australia. The number 7 car is particularly rare in mint condition and since today is Australia Day, what better livery to feature in Immortal Slots?

This from Darren House on the history of the Camaro: 'The Camaro was an instant race track success, with Jane winning the 1971 ATCC title after scoring wins in three of the seven rounds (Sandown Park, Mallala and Oran Park), two second places and a third place. He finished six-points ahead of the 1969 Trans Am Mustang of arch rival, Allan Moffat.'

Bob Jane: 'It was a fantastic car; it just had that much power. It had 600-plus horsepower (448kW) and 600-plus ft/lbs (814 Nm) of torque. The problem with the 427 was it used to eat gearboxes. It was so powerful there was no gearbox built in that era that would stand the torque.'

Bob Jane reflecting on Sandown in 1971: 'I went around Peters Corner (onto the back straight) and second (gear) disappeared," said Jane. "It didn't matter, third was fine. Next time around the first corner I'm leading, I go back to third gear from top to go past the pits. Third disappears. I've got one gear left -- top. To go around Peters Corner in top it would go splutter, fart, jerk, jerk and I still stayed in front. This thing went half the race in top gear, which is totally amazing, but that's what torque can do for you.'

The #7 C2413 Scalextric 1971 Camaro has a real presence on the track, the orange paint job is beautifully deep and glossy. Decal quality is very good and if you have a Scalextric Camaro you'll know they are a VERY hard car to beat on any plastic track. In fact it's quite ironic that one slot that can compete with this slot stunning performance is the Scalextric Ford Mustang.

The #7 Camaro is getting very difficult to get in mint condition but occasionally one turns up on Australian ebay. Expect to pay between $AU125 and $AU150 for one, you won't regret it!

The C2696 Scalextric 1972 Camaro is not as popular as the earlier #7 Camaro despite having slightly more detail. For one, the #76 car has Camaro logo on the bonnet and drivers doors which I like. The slot was released in November 2005 as a limited run of 1,500 units. The #7 car can still be purchased for approximately $AU60 from some Australian slot shops.

Watch Bob Jane in the #7 Camaro on YouTube here:

You can read more about Bob Jane on Unique Cars in 'Past Blast' section:

You can find a desktop wallpaper of the Camaro here:

ManicSlots Collectibility Score: #7 Camaro, Extremely High!


Saturday, 26 January 2008


SLOT SOUL: BK RACING White Kit Resprays

Bauke Keizer over at BK Racing sent me through some fantastic resprays to feature in the 'Slot Soul' section. I'm sure you'll all agree that BK certainly does a mean respray!!! Enjoy the photos and thanks Bauke.

"Here are some photographs of my slot-it paint and decal projects. I hope you guys like them, and looking forward to see all other projects on the new section reliveries at your weblog."

If anyone else has some resprays they would like featured on ManicSlots, all you have to do is take some photos and send them in to me at

To see more of Bauke's great resprays, head over to BK Racing's blog here:


Friday, 25 January 2008

NEWS: Scalextric Mustang

C2774 Scalextric Ford Mustang FR 500C

I just received some news from Cathy at Armchair Racer, due for Australian release in February the all new Scalextric Ford Mustang FR 500C. This from Scalextric:

"History: The Ford Racing Mustang FR500C is a highly tuned race variant of the 2005 Ford Mustang. The car has a 5.0L engine delivering 420hp. The No.5 Ford Mustang GT of Ian James and Tom Nastasi was victorious in the VIR 200 Grand American Road Racing Grand Am Cup race at Virginia International Raceway, October 8, 2005. The win enabled Ford to claim the 2005 Grand Am Cup Manufacturer's Championship with drivers Empringham, Nastasi and James."

"The Scalextric model: The high detailed car has a full driver interior, finely detailed livery, working head and tail lights and is digital ready. This means that the car can be used on standard Scalextric straight out of the box or converted for use on the Scalextric Digital system in just a few seconds, as you prefer."

"Features: Digital Plug Ready (DPR) – allows conversion for use with our SCALEXTRIC DIGITAL range in 30 seconds using C8515 Digital Plug! Adjustable Magnatraction positions. Quick change guide braid plate. Head lights and Brake lights."


Motor Mabuchi SP 18k rpm, Overall length: 146 mm, Side-winder, Rear Mounted, 2 wheel drive, Wheelbase: 85 mm, Gear ratio: 11:36, Axle width: 58 mm Front, 58 mm Rear, Magnet 2.5 mm Rectangular, Downforce: 230 gm, Tyre diameter: 21(ext),15(int) x 10 mm Front, 21(ext), 15(int)x 10 mm Rear, Weight Car: 93 gm, Case: 156 gm

You can visit Scalextric's homepage here:


Thursday, 24 January 2008

NEWS: Racer 330P

Racer Ferrari 330P Scuderia Bear
Sebring 12hrs 1965 - B. Grossman / S. Hudson

These photos just released from Racer of their stunning new Ferrari 330P raced at Sebring by the 'Scuderia Bear' team in 1965. I'm sure you'll agree the new 330P is a complete stunner of a slot car, the body detail on this model is incredible!

The below picture shows the all new Racer wire spoke wheels with black back background. This from Racer:

"Please also note in spite of the name 330P exclusively given to original car by engine used, it is a complete new mould for us since the car is based on 250P 1963 body. Also starting from this model we will equippe all cars with new improved wire rims visible in the photos."

For more information on Racer Slot Cars head over to their website. They have a GREAT photo library of their slot cars, (WARNING: Be prepared to turn green with envy!);


Sunday, 20 January 2008

IMMORTAL: Fly Lola T70

Fly Lola T70

From time to time, ManicSlots is going to take a look at some of the 'immortal' slot cars that have been produced since the 'Fly' revolution of 1996. In 1996 Fly released the Viper, a slot car that would change the direction of the 1/32 slot car industry forever! Fly let us know that slot cars could actually resemble a racing car and introduced the slot car industry to the 'D' word, detail!

Of all of Fly's releases, the Fly Classic range has to be the most successful and sort after by collectors. Classic slots such as the Porsche 917K, Ferrari 512 and the Lola T70. More recently Fly has released other classics such as the Porsche 917LH and Ferrari 250 GTO but these models have not enjoyed the same success.

Of all the Lola T70s, one of the most collectible is the MkIIIB 'Chequered Flag', Ref: Z2. The slot is presented in a limited edition box with sleeve. As you can see from the photos, the car comes with an impressive limited edition number card which is attached to the box via a wax seal.

The car competed in the 24hr Daytona in 1969 and was driven by Jo Bonnier and Ulf Norinder. The car didn't finish the race after a wall collision ending in retirement during lap 52 within sight of the chequered flag.

The Fly Chequered Flag release of the T70 can still be found in the occasional slot store or on ebay but you will have to pay around the $US200 mark.

Detail is absolutely stunning on this model, unlike other T70s you get detail such as rear vision mirrors, race damage and markings and red light on roof.

There are numerous other collectible Fly Lola T70s, one I particularly like is T70 that competed at Thuxton in 1969. Fly recently released the Thuxton T70 as a post-race livery in a Fly kit, (slot shown on the left below).

You can find some great photographs and T70 specs here:

ManicSlots Collectibility Score: Off the Scale!