Monday, 28 February 2011

NEWS: SCX Releases

SCX New Releases

SCX are releasing some impressive new slots, a striking Plymouth Cuda, Aston Martin DBR9, Citroen C4 WRC and a Mercedes AMG DTM set.

You can find out more about SCX slot cars from the SCX Website Here


Friday, 25 February 2011

NEWS: Porsche 956KH Porsche 956 KH have just released a striking liveried Porsche 956KH which won the Mugello 1,000km enduro in 1983.

I don't have to say anything about this release, we all know the 956/962 is an amazing slot car!

You can find out more about cars from the Website Here


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NEWS: Airfix GT Racers

Airfix GT Racers 1/32

For longer than I can remember Airfix has been producing accurate plastic models, as a boy I had dozens of Airfix figther planes and bombers on my roof.

For a while now Airfix has been producing 1/32 scale plastic car models and have recently released 2 very exciting kits that would make for an excellent kit conversion to slot cars, especially onto something like a HRS chassis, etc.

The 2 kits are the Aston Martin DBR9 and the Jaguar XKR GT3. The kits both have around 45 parts (although you won't require all the parts for a kit conversion) and come with painting instructions and decals. Left over parts can always be used for static scenery. Below is a photo of the Jaguar's body to give you an general idea.

You can find out more and order these kits from the Airfix Website Here


Monday, 21 February 2011

NEWS: Scalextric Nuremberg


Italia Slot have published some awesome photos of Scalextric's 2011 line up from Nuremberg including the individually released Williams/McLaren classic F1s, Ford RS200 and Aston Martin Lola B09/60.

Also on show are some very impressive re liveries of the Ford Mustang, Ford GT, - We also get to see some early prototype versions of the VW Beetle and Mercedes F1 2010.

Destined to be very popular amongst the F1 fans will be the Mercedes GP Petronas from 2010 (above). It looks like Scalextric are well advanced in production, let's just hope they get them out before the end of the 2011 season!

The above #38 Mustang looks like a must have in that amazing red livery and the Sunoco Camaro doesn't look that shabby either.

The Falken Ford GT is also a striking looking livery and is bound to be more popular than last years Gran Turismo liveried release.

And finally for those of you not lucky enough to already have the Aston Martin Lola B09/60, Scalextric will be releasing it as an individual slot in 2011.

You can find out more about the 2011 Scalextric releases from the Italia Slot Website Here


Sunday, 20 February 2011

NEWS: Más Slot Feb 2011

Más Slot No.104 (February 2011) has been published and even if you can't read Spanish the photography makes for a gripping viewing, (be sure to click on the below image for full screen mode and you can flick through the publication.)


Saturday, 19 February 2011

NEWS: Le Mans Miniatures Nuremberg


Italia Slot have published some awesome photos of Le Mans Miniature's 2011 line up from Nuremberg including the new Mirage, Mantra MS670, Audi R15 and last but not least, the Renault Alpine A441 - Wow what an amazing looking slot!!!

The Gulf Oils liveried Mirage GR8s from 75 look damn impressive and are bound to be very popular, the only question is can you afford the set!? :)

Also destined to be very popular are the Mantra MS670s from 72, just check out the rear end of these cars and the amazing detail levels Le Mans Miniatures have incorporated into these slots.

And of course the Porsche 917, just look at the detail levels of that rear wing, absolutely stunning work from Le Mans Miniatures.

And moving into the modern era, the striking Audi R15 from Le Mans. Le Mans Miniatures will be releasing the number 7, 8 and 9 car in 2011.

I'm sure you'll agree a incredibly impressive Le Mans Miniatures line-up for 2011.

You can find out more about the 2011 releases from the Italia Slot Website Here


Sunday, 13 February 2011

SLOT SOUL: Porsche 911 GT1

SLOT SOUL: Fly Porsche 911 GT1 98

I cant take credit for this respray as I found this lovely Camel Porsche 911 Gt1 respray on ebay. Originally a baby blue Racing EVO2 this car obviously needed some treatment and the Camel livery was the perfect answer.

When I got the car it had been raced hard and needed a little lift and a new set of rubber to improve performance. I added a set of Ninco PRO-RACE EVO Magnesium hubs which suit the car very well. I have used the Ninco hubs on a number of cars from different eras and they work and look very impressive.

You don't have to purchase a 'white kit' to get into creating your own slot cars liveries. Often you have a slot that you like driving so much that it starts to look a little old from wear and tear. You know the slots I'm talking about, we all have them and these slots are the perfect candidate for a respray. Revamping an old slot also has the bonus of providing you with brand new slot for the cost of a little paint and some decals.


Saturday, 12 February 2011

NEWS: New Models


Italia Slot have published some photos of's 'under development' models for 2011, namely the Lola B09/60 and the Lancia LC2/85.

With the exception of the Audi R8C, the Lola is going to be arguable Slot.its first true modern LMP release which is great news for us LMP prototype fans! Scalextric have already released the Lola and it converts into an impressive looking slot car for racing on the track.

The Lancia looks impressive but for my money I just can't wait till releases the Lola, hopefully we might see them both on the shelves in late 2011.

You can find out more about the 2011 releases from the Italia Slot Website Here