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PAGE: ManicSlots' Lap Times

Welcome to ManicSlots'
Track Lap Times

The purpose of this section is to help you see how a particular slot will perform on plastic track. My track is Carrera plastic and is approximatly 20m in length, you can see a track layout plan and some photos of it at the below link.

'From the Box' Nissan R390 'Longtail'
5.03 Sideways Riley MkXX Ferrari F40
5.19Scalextric Chevrolet Camaro SS Nissan R390
5.29NSR GT40 MkI Audi R8C 'Reloaded'
5.33Scalextric Peugeot 908 HDi FAP
5.36Pioneer Ford Mustang Fastback
5.40*NEW: Lancia LC2/88
5.43Carrera Ferrari 512 BB Alfa Romeo 33/3
5.48Pioneer Ford Mustang Notchback
5.51Scalextric Chevrolet Impala SS Nascar
5.52Pioneer 'Bullitt' Mustang 390 GT
5.56hpi Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
5.57Carrera Porsche 935/78
5.57Scalextric Torana L34
5.58Fly Porsche 911R (W)
5.58Scalextric McLaren F1 (C2806)
5.59NSR Mosler EVO2 MT900R A/W
5.62Scalextric Ferrari F1 (C2860)
5.63Scalextric Aston Martin DBR9 Chaparral 2E (W)
5.66*NEW Toyota 88C
5.68Scalextric McLaren M23
5.69Fly March 761 F1
5.71NSR Ford P68
5.71Scalextric Sport Lister Storm LMP900
5.71Scalextric Sport MG Lola
5.75Scalextric Ferrari 412P
5.76Scalextric Ford GT
5.79Scalextric Lister Storm LMP900
5.80Scalextric Audi R8 LMS
5.80Fly Porsche 911 GT1 98
5.81Scalextric Jaguar XKRS McLaren F1 GTR
5.83Fly Porsche 934
5.84Scalextric 'Gold Leaf' Lotus 49
5.91Fly Ferrari F40
5.95Scalextric FG Falcon Ford (C3077)
5.98Fly BMW M1
5.98Ninco Lamborghini Murcielago
5.98Ninco Lamborghini Gallardo
6.02Flyslot Williams FW07
6.03Scalextric Sport TVR T400R
6.07Carrera Ferrari 575 GTC
6.07Fly Lister Storm
6.07Fly Porsche 935 K3
6.15*NEW Ninco Merc SLS AMG 'Lighting'
6.15Proslot Toyota GT-one Jaguar XJR9 Mercedes Sauber C9
6.18Scalextric Porsche 911 GT3R
6.19hpi racing Nissan Skyline GT-R R32
6.22SCX Ferrari 360GTC
6.25Fly Ferrari 365 GTB/4
6.25Scalextric Mitsubishi Lancer, (MRT Racing)
6.26*NEW Porsche 911 GT1
6.26Scalextric Maserati MC12 Lancia LC2
6.28Ninco Ferrari 360 GTC
6.29Fly Ferrari 512S Coda Lunga
6.31Carrera Ferrari 599XX
6.32Fly Porsche 917K
6.35Scalextric Mercedes CLK DTM
6.35Fly Ford Capri RS Turbo
6.37Ninco BMW V12 LM98
6.39Fly Corvette C5R
6.39Fly BMW M3 GTR
6.40Revell March 83
6.41Scalextric Holden V8 (C2832)
6.42Fly Lola T70
6.42Fly Marcos
6.44*NEW Lola B09/60
6.46Scalextric Dodge Viper
6.47Fly Panoz LMP-1 (W)
6.47Scalextric Mercedes SLR McLaren 722
6.47Fly Panoz GT
6.49AutoArt Porsche 911S
6.50Carrera Ferrari Enzo
6.52Scalextric Ferrari 156 F1
6.55Proteus Lamborghini Murcielago
6.65Scalextric Mercedes 300 SLR
6.65Fly Ferrari 250 GTO
6.66SCX Corvette C6R
6.69Carrera 1/43 Lightening McQueen
6.69Fly Ford GT40
6.72Avant Slot Porsche RS Spyder
6.76*NEW Scaleauto HSV-010
6.81Ninco McLaren F1 GTR
6.81Carrera 1/43 'The King'
6.83SCX Skoda Fabia WRC
6.96Carrera Redbull RB5 F1
6.98*NEW Ninco Lancia Stratos
7.05*NEW Spirit Peugeot 406 'Silhouette'
7.14SCX Aston Martin DBR9
7.15*NEW Ninco Jaguar E-Type
7.17Racer Ferrari 412P
7.20*NEW 'Ninco 1' Chevrolet Camaro
7.48Fly BMW 3.5 CSL
7.79Scalextric Lotus Special F1 (C126)
7.85*NEW Ninco Schlesser 'RAID' buggy
8.01Scalextric Jaguar XJ220 (C483)
8.72Cartrix Mercedes W196

Magnetic 'FTB' Slot Note: Tested 'from the box' slot cars have no aftermarket modifications, i.e. no performance parts or weight added. If a slot car's magnet position can be adjusted or moved, (i.e., SCX, Scalextric, Carrera, etc.) it may have been to improve lap times. A (W) indicates that the time was set during winter when the track is colder, typically resulting in a slower time.

'From the Box' Audi R8C 'RAW' Audi R8C 'Reloaded'
6.91*NEW Ninco Renault Megane 'Lighting'
6.95NSR Mosler EVO2 MT900R A/W Porsche 956C Nissan R390 'Longtail'
6.98*NEW Lola B09/60 Porsche 956C, (MRT Racing)
6.99Ninco Lamborghini Gallardo Chaparral 2E (W) Nissan R390
7.08Ninco Ferrari 360 GTC
7.09Ninco Lamborghini Murcielago McLaren F1 GTR
7.10*NEW Black Arrow Aston Martin DBR9 Mercedes Sauber C9
7.15Ninco Pro Race Ford GT 'Lightning' Alfa Romeo 33/3 (W) Porsche 956KH 'Downforce' Jaguar XJR9
7.17*NEW Porsche 911 GT1
7.18*NEW Sideways Ford Capri
7.20Proslot Toyota GT-one Audi R8C (Original Model)
7.24Ninco Mitsubishi Lancer 4WD
7.28NSR Ford GT40 MkI
7.32Sideways Riley MkXX
7.38*NEW Spirit Peugeot 406 'Silhouette' Lancia LC2 Ferrari F40
7.40Ninco BMW V12 LM98
7.41Fly Porsche 917 LH
7.41Fly March 761 F1
7.45Fly Porsche 911 GT1 (Racing EVO3)
7.54Fly Capri RS Tubo (Racing 3)
7.60Fly BMW M1
7.61Pioneer Bullitt Mustang 390 GT
7.79Scalextric Lotus Special F1 (C126)
7.83Scalextric Aston Martin DBR9
7.98Scalextric Holden V8 (C2832)
8.22Fly Porsche 917K

Non Magnetic Slot Note: Tested slot cars have had their magnet/s removed but are not fitted with any performance parts, (unless supplied with the slot, i.e. S1 rear rubber that is supplied with cars) weight may have been added to these cars. A (W) indicates that the time was set during winter when the track is colder, typically resulting in a slower time.

4.56Scalextric GT40 (SC007 Scale Auto 35k motor, modified guide, DM rear rubber, button magnet installed)
5.48Spirit Oreca Dallara (lowered approx 2mm, rear rubber upgrade) Nissan R390 'Road Car' (Weight added up front, 2nd magnet SICN03)
5.89Fly BMW M3 GTR (Ninco Pro guide, SIGI27-AL crown)
5.90Ninco Lamborghini Gallardo (Ninco Pro guide, weight added up front)
6.00Fly 917K (Sprung Ninco Pro guide, solid front axle, Patto alloy wheels)
6.03Fly Lola T70 ( SICH10 Guide, MJK4203 Fly classic rear tyres)
6.09Fly Saleen S7R (Ninco Pro guide, weight added behind guide, SIPT01 tires)
6.13Fly Ferrari 512S ( SICH10 Guide, MJK4203 Fly classic rear tyres)
6.15Scalextric (C2832) Holden V8 (Lowered Approx 5mm)
6.27Fly 917K ( SIGS03 Spur, Patto alloy wheels, front weight)
6.29Fly 917LH (Ninco Pro guide, Solid front axle, alloy wheels, weight up front)
6.39Ninco Mitsubishi Lancer (Lowered Approx 3mm, Ninco Pro guide, weight up front)

Magnetic 'Modified' Slot Note: Tested slot cars have been modified with aftermarket performance parts and/or weight. Modification details have been noted for each slot in the table above.

General Note: All slots are driven hard but not to the point of damage. All slot cars are well run in, (minimum 100 laps) and have their tires 'trued'. I use Professor Motor 'Scale Racer PRO' controllers which I find excellent.


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