Wednesday, 15 April 2015

GALLERY: Scalextric Tyrrell 002

Scalextric Tyrrell 002
C3482A, Francois Cevert, 'Legends' F1 series

The Tyrrell 002 makes for another stunning classic F1 release from Scalextric in their newly introduced 'Legends' range.  Presentation on the track is fantastic, Scalextric have put a lot of effort into capturing the detail and their efforts are appreciated.  The large intakes in the front wing make the car look particularly unique and the blue elf livery looks great on the track.

Performance is also very pleasing with my model turning some fast and competitive laps straight from the box.  You'll be happy to know that Scalextric have fitted the Tyrrell with their small button magnet (just forward of the rear axle - see below photo) allowing the slot to drift at time when pushed through corners.  

I must apologise for the quality of the photography, my 7D is on the blink so these have been taken with my iPhone.  :)  The Tyrrell is limited to just 3000 units, availability will be short term so make sure you secure one if you have the means.

From Scalextric: 'The 1971 French Grand Prix took place for the first time at the brand new Paul Ricard circuit in the mountains outside Marseille. Jackie Stewart gained pole position from Clay Regazzoni, Jacky Ickx and Graham Hill.

From the start, Stewart streaked ahead, setting fastest lap on lap 2 and pulling out a 10-second lead by lap 7. It was a 1-2 success for the Tyrrells on a tricky circuit, the Ford engine providing extra power down the very long Mistral straight. Cevert, having qualified 7th, fought his way to a 2nd place finish behind team partner Stewart.'

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NEWS: Flyslot Brabham BT44

Flyslot Brabham BT44
Argentina 1975 GP, Martini Racing Team, C.Reuteman

FlySlot have just release their latest offering, Brabham's BT44 from 1975 and if the photos are anything to go by, she's going to be a cracker!  Fly and FlySlot have been releasing historic F1s for many years now and the BT44 is a welcome addition, its great to see FlySlot releasing an completely new model.  I think you'll agree that the Martini livery is absolutely striking.  Like all Flyslot classic F1s, the BT44 comes with front steering wheels, something I really like.

If initial sellout sales here in Australia are any indication, you'd be wise to place an order at your favourite slot shop if you want one.

From Wikipedia: 'The Brabham BT44 was a Formula One racing car designed by Gordon Murray, Brabham's chief designer. An update of the partially successful BT42 of 1973, the BT44 was a simple design with a standard Ford DFV/Hewland gearbox combination, but was very clean aerodynamically. Murray had an eye for clean lines, and the BT44 was particularly graceful. He was also a forward thinker, and tinkered with side skirts and airdams on the car, a precursor to ground effects aerodynamics.

Sponsorship came from Martini.  The 1974 season was successful for Brabham. Carlos Reutemann took 3 wins with the car, partnered by Carlos Pace who was able to string a series of promising results together. Brabham finished at a fighting fifth place in the Constructor's Championship after a closely fought season.'

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Saturday, 11 April 2015


1193AW "Test Car Silver TRIANG", AW King EVO3

NSR have released some impressive photos of their soon to be released BMW Z4 GT3.  The Z4 is a very popular GT3 model at the moment, Scaleauto set the ball rolling last year with Carrera following suit.  Along with NSR, Scalextric will also be releasing the Z4 this year as it's PCR ("Pro Chassis Ready") maiden release complete with running gear.  That makes 4 manufactures competing for your Z4 dollar so plenty of options.

It's no surprise that the first NSR livery will be the silver 'Test Car' livery as is the norm with most NSR new model releases.  Hopefully we'll get a race livery next, (Studie AG would be great) although I won't be surprised to see another plain colour release such as red.

From NSR: 'The BMW Z4 is an innovative model with high tech components, highly performing on track still respecting the scale modellistic aspect.

The BMW Z4 comes in anglewinder setup. The motor is King EVO 21 which has 21400 rpm @ 12 Volts 350 gr/cm.'

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

VIDEO: The end of ManicSlots?

Is this the end of ManicSlots?

Ok so you might have noticed that ManicSlots has been a little a bit quiet of recent. Well it was time to move homes and unfortunately it's was just too difficult to move a 10 square metre slot car track without destroying it so it had to go.  But don't worry, I captured it all with time delayed photography and put it together so you can see the carnage!

While it killed me to see it go, I hope you enjoy the video.  The good news is that construction has already started on the new home of ManicSlots.

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