Thursday, 26 November 2009

GALLERY: Fly Lola T70 Mk3B

Fly Lola T70 Mk3B
Thruxton 1969

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • The Lola T70 has been a very popular slot in the past although its popularity seems to be fading a little recently
  • Average 'from the box' magnetic performer. Like most Fly slot cars, the T70 will more than likely require some work. But once setup correctly, the T70 is a rewarding slot to drive
  • Impressive Thruxton yellow livery
  • Very high level of detail
  • Excellent paint and decal job


  • The Lola T70 (along with most of the Fly classic range) will require some modification and after-market parts if you are to get the most from it
  • Gearing a little on the noisy side
  • Basic engineering and rubber


Personally I love the Fly classic range and the Lola T70 is one of my favorites. The T70 is a very impressive and beautiful looking slot car running on the track. If you love your classic era slot cars you should absolutely have one of these to race beside the likes of Fly's Ferrari 512, Porsche 917K, Ford GT40, etc.

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Monday, 23 November 2009

NEWS: Scalex Camaro

Scalextric C3005 Chevrolet Camaro
University of Pittsburgh

Scalextric will soon release the 'University of Pittsburgh' liveried Chevrolet Camaro number 19.

The 'Pittsburgh' Camaro is very distinctive looking with the black/blue and yellow wheels/headlights paint scheme. At first I thought it was hideous but over the last few days the livery has grown on me quite a bit, the livery is unique.

This from Scalextric: "Among the large range of classic racing cars the American Classic range continues to be one of the most popular. The choice of Camaro, Corvette and Mustang cars from the Scalextric ‘Pony Wars’ stable is immense and ever popular as a model or race car.

The Pittsburgh Camaro joins over a dozen Camaro liveried cars to provide ample choice to the racer to enjoy the hard knocks or muscle car racing with these detailed though robust race cars."

  • Motor: Mabuchi SP 18k rpm
  • Gear ratio: 11:36
  • Chassis: Rear Mounted In-line Motor Rear 2 wheel drive
  • Magnet: Rectangular 2.5 mm;
  • Down-force: ?
  • Overall length: 150 mm
  • Wheelbase: 88 mm
  • Axle/Hub width 54 mm Front; 54 mm Rear
  • Tyre diameter/width: 20(ext) x 8 mm Front; 20(ext) x 8 mm Rear
  • Weights: Car 95 gm

You can read more on the Scalextric Website Here


Sunday, 22 November 2009

NEWS: Fly F40 Jägermeister

Ferrari F40 'Jägermeister' No.40
Ref: F03202 Racing Model

Well it appears Fly are sticking with one old equation, Jäger, Jäger, Jäger...This light weight Jägermeister orange version of the F40 has been setup for racing complete with; inline motor with adjustable moving mount and a light weight racing interior.

Decal detail looks a little on the light side and from what I can tell this is a 'fantasy' livery. It's a nice enough looking slot (who doesn't like Jäger?) but coming in with a hefty price tag I'm wondering how many slotters will be lining up for this one?

I would like to say you can read more on the new Fly Slot Cars website but there still doesn't seem to be one!


Saturday, 21 November 2009

NEWS: Cartrix Vanwall F1

Cartrix Ref.0935 VanWall F1 #24

Cartix have just release the VanWall F1 number 24, an impressive looking model. I would say above all other slot manufactures, we have Cartrix to thank for the revival of the classic F1 slot car.

This from Cartrix: 'The iconic English Vanwall F1 racing team was created by Tony Vandervell at the beginning of the 1950s. Their first car, the Thinwall Special, was a modified Ferrari, but of course painted in British racing green, and thereafter raced cars of their own construction.In 1955 Vandervell undertook a new project relying on young engineers Colin Chapman and Frank Costin for the chassis and body design.

Leo Kusmicki, an engineer from Norton, had the responsibility of designing the engine. They produced a stable and aerodynamic racing car with a powerful 2.5 litre engine featuring 4 inline cylinders with direct injection and 285 HP capable of competing with the better cars of the day. In 1956 Stirling Moss was able to score Vanwall's first major victory in the Silverstone International Trophy. Moss and the rest of the driving team, including Mike Hawthorn, Tony Brooks, Harry Schell and Stuart Lewis-Evans amongst others, saw a promising start for the brand with a machine at the forefront of technology at this time, all designed and manufactured in Great Britain.

With revised rear suspension and other improved parts, 1957 saw the golden age of Vanwall begin. At Aintree, Moss took Vanwall's maiden Grand Prix victory, and the first for an all British entry for over 34 years. In the following year Vanwall reached the pinnacle of their success, wining many Grand Prix and their very first world constructor championship.

After a decade of hard work flying the English flag, the Vanwall Team’s success was suddenly curtailed due to the health problems of Tony Vandervell, who left the competition at the peak of his powers.'

You can read more on the Cartrix Website Here


NEWS: Long Inline Pod CH48 and CH49
Long Inline for Boxer/Flat Motor have justed announced the Long Inline for Boxer/Flat motor pod, (CH48 black below) also with Offset 1.0 mm configuration, (CH49 clear white below).

You can read more on the Website Here


Thursday, 19 November 2009

GALLERY: Ferrari 412P

Scalextric Ferrari 412P

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • The Scalextric 412P has good potential to become collectible
  • Front and rear lights, (appropriate low yellowish lighting levels given the era)
  • Impressive 'from the box' performance, (sub 6 seconds on my track!)
  • High level of detail,
  • Fantastic paint finish
  • Forced centring, quick change glide


  • The Scalextric Classic range could do with refined driver models
  • Not so good non-magnetic


The ferrari 412P is a good looking slot car running on the track. But somehow I feel the car is lacking something visually, Scalextric haven't quite hit a home run with this model like they should have.

However if it's track performance that counts the 412P is a stunner and very impressive in magnetic trim (which is what it is designed to do). I already have several of these in my collection and I have a feeling they may grow in numbers.

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Monday, 16 November 2009

NEWS: Mazda 787B LE CW06 Mazda 787B
'Le Mans Winners Collection' are about to release what is their most anticipated slot car for 2009, above is the Specification Card supplied by

Many would argue that the Mazda 787B 'Le Mans Winners Collection' could be the most anticipated for the last 3 years, only time will tell.

With collectors paying over $AU220 for Scalextric's 'Gold Leaf' Lotus Type 49 on ebay it makes you wonder if Slot.its latest limited edition will sell out just as quickly?


Sunday, 15 November 2009

UPDATE: Wallpapers

New Wallpapers

Are you getting tired of your boring computer screen at work or home? We have a huge selection of desktop wallpaper and although we can't guarantee they will make the hours at work go faster, at least you'll have something fun to look at while you're there!

I have just added some new Scalextric Lotus 'Gold Leaf Team' Type 49 and Pioneer Bullitt Mustang 390 GT wallpapers to the wall paper section.

Click the 'Wallpaper Page' buttons to the top left to access.


Saturday, 14 November 2009

NEWS: Sales drop for Hornby

Hornby hopes Jenson Button will put Scalextric back on track

From UTV Business: 'Model Maker looking to Formula One world champion to lift sales after sharp fall in half-year profits. Hornby is hoping that Jenson Button will get its sales figures motoring this Christmas after suffering a sharp fall in profits. The company said today that Button's victory in the Formula One world championship should provide "a significant boost" to the sales of its Scalextric and Micro Scalextric toys.

"Hornby holds the exclusive worldwide licence to produce slot racing products featuring the Brawn team and Jenson Button. The first products carrying this licence will be available in time for Christmas 2009," it told the City.

Two years ago, Hornby benefited from the popularity of Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 world champion. Scalextric sets modelled on the young driver helped to push sales up by 30% overall.

Hornby, whose products also include Corgi model cars and Airfix model planes, made a pre-tax profit of £700,000 in the six months to 30 September, down from £1.8m the previous year. In the UK, Hornby grew its turnover by 1.5%, despite a fall in sales of model railway and Scalextric products. It blamed this on retailers who resisted ordering new supplies ahead of the Christmas period.

"Sales of Scalextric sets priced at the top and lower ends of our range remained robust, while demand for sets priced in the middle of the range was more muted," Hornby reported. "We anticipated this trend and we have introduced several new Micro Scalextric sets that have proved popular. In particular the Micro Scalextric Need for Speed and Disney's Cars sets are selling very well."

Hornby has experienced supply chain problems involving its Chinese supplier, Sanda Kan. It was taken over last year, and Hornby reported today that the situation is finally improving, with shipment volumes now increasing each week. "With the effects of our supply chain issues now receding, the board remains confident in the prospects for the year," said Neil Johnson, Hornby's chairman.

The company has also suffered from the weakness of sterling, which has eroded its profits and cash generation. It will not pay an interim dividend, having suspended payouts to shareholders back in June. Shares in Hornby slipped 1.4% this morning to 139p.' © Guardian News and Media 2009

So the moral of the story is, buy a Brawn F1 slot when they come out or one of our beloved slot manufactures may not be making all the slots we love so much. I KNOW I'll be getting one, even more so now!


NEWS: Ford GT #4

Scalextric C2995 Ford GT #4
Polyphony Digital 'Gran Turismo'

Just released by Scalextric is the wicked looking Polyphony Digital Ford GT racing number 4. If you're a Gran Turismo fan (the racing series has sold more the 50 million copies Worldwide) you'll be aware of two things. One, that this particular Ford GT #4 is featured in the opening movie from Gran Turismo 4 (2005) and that Gran Turismo 5 is due for release prior to Christmas.

You can see the Scalextric Ford GT #4 in the below opening movie from Gran Turismo 4 opening movie, just FANTASTIC!

The Scalextric Model is a high build-quality specification with equal high performance straight out of the box and superior livery paintwork. The model Features;

  • High detail. Working lights fitted front and rear
  • Magnatraction and quick change braid plate
  • Digital ready chassis
  • Wide rear axle gives excellent road-holding attributes which will make this car a must for the racer


  • Motor: Mabuchi SP; 18k rpm
  • Gear ratio: 11:36
  • Chassis: Rear Mounted Side-winder Motor; Rear 2 wheel drive
  • Magnet: Rectangular 2.5 mm
  • Downforce: 300 gm
  • Overall length: 145 mm
  • Wheelbase: 84 mm
  • Axle/Hub: width58 mm Front; 62 mm Rear
  • Tyre diameter/width: 21(ext), 15(int) x 9 mm Front; 21(ext), 15(int) x 11 mm Rear
  • Weight: Car 85 gm; Case 156 gm

I think Scalextric have hit a home run with this release, it's bound to be very popular with slotters and fans of the Gran Turismo series alike. The wheels are a perfect match for the GT4 game car as are the decals and body work. There is a stunning looking all black Ford GT in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue so here's hoping Scalextric have that one on the radar for release.

You can read more on the Scalextric Website Here