Tuesday, 1 September 2009

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My wife in all her tolerance for my love of this insane hobby where a 1,000 slots will never be enough, produced this video as a joke with the kids one weekend. The photos had been quickly taken with an iPhone while I wasn't looking and the video put together in 30 minutes and then presented to me as the kids laughed along! Personally, I loved it and asked if I could provide some better photography to improve the video so I could share it with all the collectors out there - "A Thousand Slots is Never Enough" was born, I hope you enjoy it.

"A Thousand Slots is Never Enough"
Directed by a slot tolerant wife and Mark Webber (Not!)

Want to see Jeremy Clarkson test racing a Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 GT?
Yep? Well then enjoy the following movie from Top Gear!!

This YouTube video has some of the best (perhaps also the craziest) driving I have ever seen!!

For those of you lucky enough to own a Playstation 3, Sony has recently released Gran Turismo 5, a game 6 years in the making with over 70 tracks combinations and 1000+ cars to collect!!

Below is the opening movie featuring the song 'Planetary (Go)' by My Chemical Romance which show cases just a small taste of the action that GT5 offers. Now if you get bored with the start factory scene and just want to skip to the action then fast forward to the 3 minute 20 second mark.

A word of warning however, be sure there's nothing sharp on the ground under your jaw!

A fantastic slot car video of LeMans 1970 by Nenieritmiche, bloody great stuff!!
What a car, what a driver, Michael Schumacher test drives the amazing Mercedes Benz SLS AMG with a little twist. Now if we can just get Scalextric to release this SLS...

You have to LOVE these NSR slot videos!
'The Run', getting a little old now with the release of the 370Z but still a FANTASTIC movie. Featuring a 2003 model 350Z being driven in a high-speed run through the narrow cobblestone streets of Prague in the Czech Republic at up to 200 km/h (124 mph).

Enjoy this great movie of the new NSR GT40 MkII, enjoy!

Oh yeah Ken Block is at it again, this one's incredible! (Make sure you view at full-screen)
Derek Bell behind the wheel of a 1966 model GT40 Mk.I built by Pathfinder Motorsports doing a demonstration run at Sebring International Raceway's 24-hour course.
This is an excellent quality movie, hdmi output to your TV and stereo if possible. I dare you to turn it up above -5dB with the subwoofer cranked!
OMG!!! Aston Martin's £1.2 million supercar!
Can we please have one of these as a slot car in 2011 Mr Scalextric?
Le Mans Classic - Goup 5, watch this movie once if you can! What a line up; Ford GT40, Porsche 908, Lola T70s, Corvette Stingray, Ford Mustang, Alpine A110, Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona, Porsche 917, Ferrari 512, the list goes on!
Just check out the Renault R30 new Total livery for the 2010 F1 season - Awesome!
Anyone for an onboard lap around the old Le Mans in a Porsche 956? Just wait till you see the 956 flying down the old 13+ kilometre Mulsanne straight, incredible!
Have a quick look at this very clever Scalextric ad based on the famous words of Bruce Lee.
A 400m slot car track in the new Mercedes E-Class Estate: 1275 pieces of track fit into the 1950 litre trunk of the wagon. The 500 square metres of track runs right through the Estate.
With the recent release of the Pioneer Bullitt Mustang 390 GT, I thought it only fitting to have a look at the epic chase scene - enjoy!
The Audi R8: The Slowest Car Audi Ever Built
SCX Moto GP Bikes

Scalextric Santander's TV campaign.

Italian slot car film clip from the song "Gionata Che cosa ci fai a Daytona?" (translates to "Jonathan what are you doing at Daytona?") from the album "Daytona" (2008).

An onboard lap with the Martini Racing Porsche 936 driven by Jurgen Barth at Le Mans 1977.

The Mazda 787B in action.

Slot.it Oxigen digital action.

Slot track cleaner - Something we all could do with!

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG as featured in Gran Turismo 5

Monster Energy WRX in action - AMAZING!

Porsche 911 GT1 98 spetacular accident.

Shell Ferrari Ad - Ferrari races around the World!

This is a great movie showing a handicapped race between a Fiat, Ferrari 550 and a Ferrari F1!


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