Tuesday, 28 September 2010

MOVIE: Ken Block 3

Oh yeah Ken Block is at it again, this one's incredible! (Make sure you view at full-screen)


Saturday, 18 September 2010


NSR Ford GT40 MkII
#3 Le Mans 1966

Soon to be released is the highly anticipated NSR Ford GT40 MkII. This car has a huge following amongst slotters and motoring enthusiasts alike and is destined to be a very collectible slot car before it's even been released.

All the pictures indicate that NSR have got the proportions and stance of the MkII right and because it's a NSR we also know it's going to be an absolute winner on the track!

NSR have also made a great movie of the GT40 MkII which you can watch below, enjoy!

You can read more on the NSR Website Here


NEWS: Ferrari 599XX

Carrera Ferrari 599XX

When Carrera first announced that they had signed an exclusive licence with Ferrari I was a little annoyed as this meant that other slot car manufactures would no longer be able to produce new Ferrari model.

Well I still feel this way to an extend but I have to say that Carrera aren't wasting the opportunity and have done a fantastic job with releasing the all new 599XX model. The rumours are that this is a great model on the track, (despite being a little on the heavy side).

I'll certainly be adding at least one to my line up, now I just have to pick between the two fantastic looking liveries.

You can read more on the Carrera Website Here


Friday, 10 September 2010


You have to LOVE these NSR slot videos!