Saturday, 16 October 2010

NEWS: Racer Alfa T33/3

Racer Alfa T33/3
RCR53C Alfa T33/3 #35 Le Mans 24hrs 1970, R.Stommelen / N.Galli
RCR53D Alfa T33/3 #37 Le Mans 24hrs 1970, T.Hezemans / M.Gregory

In a little over a week, Racer will be releasing these 2 stunning Alfa T33/3 which raced in the LeMans 24hrs in 1970. These are both stunning looking slot cars and as we have come to expect from Racer, the detail and finish levels on these models is outstanding! Enjoy these great photos from Racer Slot Car.

You can view more photos of the slots on the Racer Website Here


NEWS: October October Releases

Joseline has just sent news on the's October release (26th/28th) of these 2 new striking liveries. The CA06e Mercedes Sauber C9 - #63, 3rd Supercup Nuerburgring Sept. 1987, driven by Mike Thackwell and the CA11c Alfa Romeo 33/3 #54, 1st 1000 Km Brands Hatch 1971 driven by H.Pescarolo and A.De Adamich.

I have a feeling the Supercup Nuerburgring C9 is going to be an overnight classic so get one when you can!


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

MOVIE: Le Mans 1970 Slots

I was sent this fantastic slot car video of LeMans 1970 by Nenieritmiche today and just had to post it straight away, bloody great stuff!!

I guess we now know who does NSR's videos, keep them coming Nenieritmiche.


NEWS: Racer P68 Gulf

RCR S01/A - Ford P68 #11, LE "Top Racer"
RCR S01/B - Ford P68 #21, LE "Top Racer"

Some great (and I mean great) new images in from Racer Slot Cars, 2 new Ford P68s; RCR S01/A and RCR S01/B.

These are striking looking slot cars (especially no.11) and as we have come to expect from Racer, the detail and finish levels on these models is outstanding!

You can view more photos of the slots on the Racer Website Here


Monday, 11 October 2010


Más Slot No.100 (October 2010) has been published and even if you can't read Spanish the photography makes for a gripping viewing, (be sure to click on the below image for full screen mode and you can flick through the publication.)



What a car, what a driver, Michael Schumacher test drives the amazing Mercedes Benz SLS AMG with a little twist. Now if we can just get Scalextric to release this SLS...


NEWS: Update

Upcoming Releases

These photos have been released by Italia Slot of the upcoming releases and what releases they are going to be, be sure to hide your wallets guys!!!!

Underneath the GT40 chassis looks impressive, not long now till we can get our hands on one of these. :)

The Michelin C9 looks damn right amazing!!! I would expect this livery to achieve 'cult status' from a collectible stand point very quickly so order one from your favourite slot shop as soon as you can.

The Calsonic liveried Nissan R390 has been long awaited by many Nissan fans (including myself) as it is quite an famous racing livery. The no. 32 car finished 3rd at LeMans in 1998 4 laps behind the winning Porsche 911 GT1 98.

And always a favourite of mine, the new Alfa 33/3 livery looks awesome!

I think you'll agree that are on the money with all of these releases


EVENT: Korean F1

Thanks to Red Bull, Mark Webber takes us for a ride around the stunning looking Jeonnam South Korean F1 circuit, (be sure to watch this one on full screen).

"Before the Jeonnam Circuit in Korea hosts the F1 grand prix on the weekend of October 22-24, Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber presents us with all the details of this 5.6km track: turns, straights, braking points and overtaking opportunities. On this virtual lap, you will see the Korean International Circuit not only first, but also as you will never see it again. Hold your breath and enjoy the ride!"


Sunday, 10 October 2010

MOVIE: 'The Run' 350Z

'The Run', getting a little old now with the release of the 370Z but still a FANTASTIC movie. Featuring a 2003 model 350Z being driven in a high-speed run through the narrow cobblestone streets of Prague in the Czech Republic at up to 200 km/h (124 mph).


NSR: Ford GT40 MkII

NSR Ford GT40 MkII
Meet the family...

You can read more on the NSR Website Here