Sunday, 6 November 2011

NEWS: Flyslot Madom Lotus 78

Lotus 78 Aurora F1 1979 'Madom'

Flyslot have just released the 1978 Madom Lotus 78 raced in the Aurora F1 Series in 1979, driven by E De Villota.  As you would expect from Fly, detail levels look great although the yellow paint does not photograph that well.  In some of the photos the paint finish of the 78 reminds me of the old C134 Scalextric Renault RS-01 F1.  Hopefully Fly have fixed the front-end steering problems the first Lotus 78 release had.

You can see more photos at Flyslot on Facebook Here


Friday, 4 November 2011

NEWS: Ninco E-Type

Ninco's Master Stroke
The Jaguar E-Type

One of the greatest automotive icons of all time is the Jaguar E-Type.  70,000 E-Types were produced between 1961 and 1975.  If you've ever seen a fully restored E-Type in the flesh or had the privilege of driving one you'll know this is a car is something special.

In December this year Ninco plans to release the first of many stunning 1/32 Jaguar E-Types, the Production version of the car.  Get in line now, the line is going to be long...   

Head over to the Ninco Website Here for more information.


Sunday, 30 October 2011

NEWS: Scaleauto SLS AMG


Scaleauto have just fired a warning shot across the bow of the slot car world's heavy weights and it's a warning they will need to heed.  Scaleauto have released some 1/32 scale slot cars in the past but they haven't really been aiming at the mass slot car market, until now! 

The Scaleauto Mercedes SLS AMG is here and it looks absolutely awesome!  Carrera has already released the SLS AMG but Carrera's offering is aimed more at the hobby slotter, not the hardcore racer!  The first Scaleauto release will be the 2010 Presentation car which models the SLS AMG GT3 that was releases by Mercedes Benz in Mexico to honour the success of the SL badge during the 1950's 3100km Carrera Panamerica races across Mexico.

The 1:1 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 was designed in accordance with FIA GT3 specifications as a racing sports car for customers competing in both sprints and endurance races.  Detail levels of the Scaleauto model look great and accurately reflect the 1:1 car beautifully.  I've never been a huge fan of white liveries but we all know that they make for fantastically highly visible slot cars.

The chassis design looks impressive and being a Scaleauto we can expect that this slot will perform as well as the real thing on the track.

You can read and see more on the 1:1 SLS AMG GT3 over at Car Advice Website Here


Saturday, 18 June 2011

NEWS: Racer Ferrari 312P

RCR G5 - 312P Aerodynamic Test Monza 1969

Racer Slot Cars have sent through some beautiful photos of the soon (mid July) to be released RCR G5 312P Aerodynamic Test as driven at Monza in 1969.  The 312P Aerodynamic Test will be limited to only 203 editions so if you want one then be quick.  Racer states that the number 2 on sides is voluntarily scratched to reproduce the car as it was during such tests.  Another example of a beautiful Racer release, something we have long come to expect.   

You can view more photos of the slots on the Racer Website Here


Monday, 13 June 2011

SPORT: Audi wins Lemans!

Congratulations to Audi for winning what most describe as the ultimate test of man and machine, the 24 hours of Le Mans.  In an amazingly action packed race full of spectacular crashes, the last remaining Audi (1 of 3) emerged victorious despite being closely hunted by 3 Peugeot 908s for the entire race.  This win represents the 10th victory at Le Mans for Audi!

The below YouTube video takes you through the last lap of the race, amazing stuff as Audi goes across the finish line 13.8 seconds ahead of the lead Peugeot after 24 hours.

Below is one of the most spectacular crashes you'll ever see in motorsport where the driver walks away, I'm thinking Allan McNish might buy himself an Audi road car after surviving that off.


NEWS: Toyota 88C Toyota 88C
24hrs Daytona 1998

Rosanna from has just sent through the technical specification cards of the hugely anticipated Toyota 88C.  The car was raced at the 24 hours of Daytona in 1998 by Drake Olson, Chris Cord and Steve Bren (all American team of drivers).  I think we'll all agree that the Toyota 88C has been a Group C car that has been always missed in the slot world of motor sport.  But no longer, thank you!

This from 'The Toyota 88C is a sports car prototype built in 1988 by Toyota according to the Group C specification, to race the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Japanese Sports-Prototype Championship.

The car, designed by Dome, was powered by a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, named "3S-GT", a 2.1-liter, water cooled, 680-hp, 16 valves aluminium head, unit. The chassis was an aluminium
monocoque, and the composite bodywork was made of carbon fiber and kevlar.

In 1989, one of these cars was entered in the IMSA GTP championship, a category with rules which were very similar to those of Group C in Europe, by All American Racers, Dan Gurney's (an American racing legend who won Le Mans in 1967) team.

The new model reproduces the car that took part to the 24 Hours of Daytona, driven by Drake Olson, Chris Cord and Steve Bren. All American Racers, using this engine as a development base, was later (1992, 1993) able to claim, with the Eagle MKIII, two IMSA titles, two victories at Sebring and one in Daytona.'

You can read more on the Website Here


Sunday, 29 May 2011

NEWS: NSR Porsche 997

NSR Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
'Rene Rast', Veltins MRS Racing

NSR have just released the 'Veltins' MRS racing livery of their Porsche 997 GT3.  Another predominately white livery from NSR but I like the look of the Veltins' sponsorship and being white will make it a highly visual slot on the track.

MRS Racing ran the car in the 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Racing series.

You can read more on the NSR Website Here


NEWS: SCX Peugeot 908 HDi

Peugeot 908 HDi FAP
Team Oreca Matmut, 24hrs LeMans 2010

This from SCX: 'This colourful decoration of the Peugeout 908 HDI FAP was driven by the #4 team Oreca Matmut: Olivier Panis, Nicolas Lapierre and Loic Duval in the 24h Lemans 2010 and scored the fasted lap!

The new Peugeot 908 HDI FAP from SCX® is here to challenge its rival, the all-powerful Audi R10, on the track. This is a car designed to deliver a high top speed, with strikingly aerodynamic lines. Its front end is divided into three parts, with the headlights at the sides and the driver’s cockpit in the middle. Between these sections are two enormous air intakes which, in the real car, serve to cool the diesel engine.'

  • Wheelbase: 93 mm
  • Transmission type: 4×2 direct rear
  • Car length: 144.5 mm
  • Transmission ratio: 9/27=3
  • Wheel track: 62 mm
  • Rear axle dimension: 21 mm
  • Guide type: ARS
  • Screws: 5 (2+2+1)
  • Motor: RX-42B
  • Transmission type: Rear
  • Weight: 83 grams
  • Body car Weight: 19 grams
You can read more on the SCX Website Here


Saturday, 28 May 2011


NSR Mosler MT900R JDK
G&A Racing, 24hrs of Zolder 2008

NSR are about to release a new livery of their ever popular Mosler MT900R.  The black and white JDK looks a little simple to my taste.  However, the predominately white livery would make for a highly visual slot on the track and at the speeds these things go, that's a good thing.

G and A Racing ran the car in the VW Fun Cup 25 Hours, Menzo 24 Hours of Zolder, Francorchampagne Spa-Francorchamps and the FIA GT Championship Zolder in 2008 winning the VW Fun Cup 25 Hours.

You can read more on the NSR Website Here


NEWS: Sideways Dallara

SW11 Dallara DP - Taylor Racing
Daytona 24hrs 2011

This from Racer Slot Cars: 'This model will be available very early in june. Please mind photos are still relevant to a preproduction sample.

We have also been forced to release SW11 cars before long awaited SW10 Riley MkXX AIM Autosport PACIFIC due very difficult tampoprinting setup for that model. SW10 will be therefore available at begiining of july.

At the same time we will also introuduce in price list a new chassis for Dallara DP (stock code - MK01A EVO ) ready to accept new 6 screws Slot.It motor mounts but overall injected in new material which, after testing performed, showed an important increase of handling and performance.

The EVO chassis will be also available for RIley MkXX (stock code MK01 EVO ) at same time of release of SW10.'

I have to admit that I love the look of these cars, they are so ugly that they become beautiful to the eye.  Personal taste aside, what no one will dispute is the AMAZING performance that these cars offer, the Sideways Riley MkXX is the second fastest car to run on my home track in almost 4 years!

You can read more on the Sideways Website Here