Monday, 11 October 2010

NEWS: Update

Upcoming Releases

These photos have been released by Italia Slot of the upcoming releases and what releases they are going to be, be sure to hide your wallets guys!!!!

Underneath the GT40 chassis looks impressive, not long now till we can get our hands on one of these. :)

The Michelin C9 looks damn right amazing!!! I would expect this livery to achieve 'cult status' from a collectible stand point very quickly so order one from your favourite slot shop as soon as you can.

The Calsonic liveried Nissan R390 has been long awaited by many Nissan fans (including myself) as it is quite an famous racing livery. The no. 32 car finished 3rd at LeMans in 1998 4 laps behind the winning Porsche 911 GT1 98.

And always a favourite of mine, the new Alfa 33/3 livery looks awesome!

I think you'll agree that are on the money with all of these releases


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