Thursday, 23 December 2010

GALLERY: Peugeot 908

Scalextric Peugeot 908 HDi FAP
LMP Prototype Test Car

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • The Scalextric Peugeot 908 represents above above average collectibility
  • Quick change braid system/easy digital conversion system
  • Quality paint and finish levels
  • Excellent 'from the box' magnetic performance
  • High level of detail / front and rear lights


  • Below average non magnetic performance


I have always loved the look of matt black test slot cars. To me a slot without a detailed 'busy' multi-coloured livery allows you to judge the slot on its detail levels along. The Scalextric Peugeot 908 is a slot that passes that test with flying colours, it just looks bad! (or good if you know what I mean)

On the track the Peugeot 908 is the 7th fastest slot car FTB to ever grace my track so I don't need to tell you its bloody quick!! However more than just a rocket ship, the 908 (with its front and rear lights) looks awesome running on the track. Whether your a LMP prototype fan or not, the 908 is an impressive offering from Scalextric.

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