Saturday, 28 May 2011

NEWS: Sideways Dallara

SW11 Dallara DP - Taylor Racing
Daytona 24hrs 2011

This from Racer Slot Cars: 'This model will be available very early in june. Please mind photos are still relevant to a preproduction sample.

We have also been forced to release SW11 cars before long awaited SW10 Riley MkXX AIM Autosport PACIFIC due very difficult tampoprinting setup for that model. SW10 will be therefore available at begiining of july.

At the same time we will also introuduce in price list a new chassis for Dallara DP (stock code - MK01A EVO ) ready to accept new 6 screws Slot.It motor mounts but overall injected in new material which, after testing performed, showed an important increase of handling and performance.

The EVO chassis will be also available for RIley MkXX (stock code MK01 EVO ) at same time of release of SW10.'

I have to admit that I love the look of these cars, they are so ugly that they become beautiful to the eye.  Personal taste aside, what no one will dispute is the AMAZING performance that these cars offer, the Sideways Riley MkXX is the second fastest car to run on my home track in almost 4 years!

You can read more on the Sideways Website Here


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