Sunday, 23 January 2011

NEWS: ManicSlots Store

ManicSlots launched exciting slot car merchandise store!

ManicSlot's Online Shop

After 3 years and almost 400 news articles, reviews, how to's, thousands of slot car gallery and wallpaper images, ManicSlots has decided to open a store that will show case the photography you see on this site in exciting and practical ways.

So why open a store, (I hear you say) isn't work paying you enough Manic? During the last 3 years I've had countless compliments and requests regarding the slot car photography I have on ManicSlots and have decided to make it more available to those interested.

The store will initially feature interesting, practical and fun slot branded items like, T-Shirts/Polo shirts, stubby holders, iPhone/iPad, framed prints, coffee mugs, Sigg water bottles, mousepads and wall clocks. Later on we'll add calendars, posters, banners to name a few products.

Anyway, all that crap aside, I hope you enjoy the new store (click the store image above) even if it's just for a little bit of tire kicking! ;)


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