Saturday, 12 March 2011

GALLERY: Ferrari 599XX

Carrera Ferrari 599XX

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • It's a Ferrari and Carrera has the exclusive rights to make the Ferrari 599XX
  • Strong 'from the box' performance
  • Impressively detailed slot car, beautiful wheels!
  • Front and rear lights
  • Revised chassis (much lighter)
  • Revised magnet configuration, (now only comes with a single magnet)
  • Revised smaller reverse direction switch


  • Average non magnetic performance
  • Rubber requires upgrading
  • Wheel diameter are non-standard which makes it difficult to upgrade rubber


There is no doubt that Carrera's release of the Ferrari 599XX is an impressive addition to the Carrera line-up. The first 2 releases have sold well and Carrera has plans to release 2 more 599XX liveries in 2011, (be sure to check out the black liveried car!). It's clear to me that Carrera has listened well to the slot car community with the 599XX and have significantly improved their chassis design and at the same time reduced overall car weight - 2 big steps in the right direction!

Detail levels are as good as those of any manufacture and 'FTB' on-track performance is great. The 599XX signals that Carrera is dead serious about their future in the slot car industry. Combine these things with an aggressive pricing structure and Carrera is on a real winning formula, something that's great for us all!

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