Sunday, 13 March 2011

GALLERY: NSR Momo Mosler

NSR Mosler MT900R
'Oulton Park Winner 2009'

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • Probably the best performance 'From The Box' slot car on the market!
  • Amazing 'FTB' magnetic and non-magnetic performance
  • Solid detailed slot car
  • Front and rear alloy 'air system' wheels
  • Floating angle-winder motor pod, mega light body
  • Adjustable magnet position
  • Beautiful engineering, alloy gearing


  • VERY low ride height (not good for tracks with too much vertical elevation)
  • You've heard it before but the Mosler has scaling issues - The price of blistering performance!
  • Detail levels could be better but let us not forget this car IS made to race, not to look at


What can I say really? If you have one of these or have seen one of these cars then you'll KNOW how fast they are. Even with minimal set-up they will probably beat your best car's lap time on your track. This is my only Mosler and one of only 3 NSRs I own - I guess an indication of how much they cost. That being said, there is no doubt that you get what you are paying for with a NSR Mosler, a stunning slot car with physics defying performance!

Personally I love the matt black and yellow Momo livery but paint/decal finish on this car is pretty basis by today's Fly or standards. This car has been made to race and there are no compromises made in the performance department for the sake of aesthetics. As a result the Mosler has some scale issues so if you're after a shelf queen then this is probably not the car for you. However if you want a bloody fast car with amazing engineering that is a pleasure to drive, then this IS the car for you!

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