Monday, 18 April 2011

NEWS: Ninco Corvette 1956

Ninco Corvette 1956 'Speed Record'

Ninco is about to release the Corvette that set the speed record for production cars in 1956.  The Ninco classic has a strong following, this one will sell quick!

This from 'The Corvette Story' website: 'Chevrolet went racing with the latest Corvette and was rewarded with excellent success. It started in January 1956 when John Fitch set a production car record of 145 MPH at Daytona Speed Week. He then drove a stock 1956 Corvette at the NASCAR speed week Flying Mile event in Daytona, setting a speed record of 145.543 mph.'

Head over to the Ninco Website Here for more information.


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Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Ninco produced this car. It is NOT any of the speed record cars, with or without fins, that ran on Daytona Beach. It is also NOT a true SR-2, as it is missing many of the details that any one of the three SR-2's had/have (all three survive). This car is an attempt by Ninco's accountants/management to get more use out of the '56 Corvette mold they already had. It is historically VERY inaccurate, unfortunately, just like the supposed '54 Panamericana Corvette they produced recently with the '56 body, again NOT AT ALL historically accurate. Is it cool looking? Yes, just as the real cars were/are. But it is NOT an accurate rendering and should not have been produced in this form. How do I know? I knew Zora Arkus Duntov and a friend of mine owns one of the real SR-2's. Please tell Ninco to produce historically accurate cars or not to bother. A car like this just is WRONG.