Wednesday, 2 January 2008

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Welcome to ManicSlots'
Slot Car Reviews

Here you'll hopefully find some good advice on slot cars and even the occasional scenery piece.  I do all my testing on Carrera 1/24 plastic track which I find excellent.  My track has a good balance of technical elements like reverse curves while still having several long straights (up to 4.5 metres) allowing slots to stretch their legs.

For more specific information on the track used in this review please have a look at my track layout here.



Anonymous said...

Excellent comments and "how to" on the slot scenery section, it takes time but in general is easy and fun to do. The possibilites of all the various methods and scenic elevations only adds to the fun and excitement of this glorious hobby.


Henrique Abreu said...

Great reviews,

They are enjoyable to read and have most valuable information for those intending to buy a specific model.
Excellent detail photos.

A NSR review of the Clio Cup would be great,