Saturday, 19 September 2009

GALLERY: Chevrolet Impala SS

Scalextric Chevrolet 'Impala SS'

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • Impressive 'from the box' performance, (little rear tire trueing required)
  • Solid level of detail, (internal, wheel/tire detail look excellent)
  • High level paint finish and decal detail
  • Digital 'ready' chassis
  • Forced centring, quick change glide


  • Despite having improved detail over previous Scalextric Nascar releases, this releases detail isn't as high as a typical Scalextric detail level
  • 2-3mm sideways 'play' in rear axle which required 2 shims to correct on my model, (see above photo for brass shim locations)


The Chevrolet Impala SS Nascar is a 'fun' and extremely enjoyable slot to run and race on the track. Track performance is very impressive given the size and length of the chassis/body. Get a pair of these and you're guaranteed to have a blast racing them on your track!

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