Monday, 14 September 2009

GALLERY: Lancia LC2 Lancia LC2
Le Mans 1984
The ManicSlot Mini Review
  • Excellent engineering: Powerful motor/quality gearing
  • Rear alloy wheels
  • Rubber aerial
  • Adjustable pivoting motor pod
  • Impressive paint and decal levels
  • Solid 'from the box' performance
  • Very high level of detail,
  • Solid non-magnetic performer
  • Rear wing and rear vision mirrors are prone to damage

The Lancia LC2 has never been as popular as other releases for some reason. Detail levels and engineering are excellent (as you would expect from but the model doesn't have the same mass appeal. Still this is a very attractive model and great for racing against others in the line-up, just don't expect it to keep up with a McLaren or Porsche 956/962.

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