Saturday, 6 March 2010

NEWS: NSR Update

NSR 2010 Release Update

These great photos from Italia Slot show some of the upcoming NSR releases. One big surprise for me is the 'weathered effect' Porsche 917K with driver that NSR has front and centre in the above photo. I have resisted purchasing a NSR 917K (having numerous Fly versions) but the weathered effect number 2 917K looks incredible and will be a must have for most classic collectors.

Here are a some photos of additional releases planned by NSR, it's a tough line-up to ignore and these photos don't include the new P68 release liveries.

Feast your eyes on the upcoming Ford GT40 release, WOW! NSR will soon become the classic slotters manufacturer of choice, if we can just talk them into the Ferrari 512 (although there may be licensing issues with Carrera).

And finally some Mosler updates, the 'Gravity' Mosler is also to be released by Ninco although I don't see these 2 manufactures competing for the same slot dollar.

The first Mosler shown below is the 'Five Years' Italian Championship winner release. I would expect release numbers for this special Mosler to be limited so make a move if you're going to be after one.

You can read more on the Italia Slot Website Here


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