Monday, 1 March 2010

GALLERY: Ferrari F40

Fly Ferrari F40
Le Mans 24hr 1995

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • The Fly Ferrari F40 represents a good level of collectability as a Ferrari and due to the popularity of the Pilot livery
  • Solid 'from the box' performance, any slot that can lap sub 6 seconds on my track is a winner, (best lap was 5.91)
  • Stunningly detailed slot car, (the F40 is impressive even by Fly standards)
  • Fantastic paint and decal finish


  • Rear axle has a little sideways play, mine required 2 spacers to correct
  • The slot would benifit from a rear tyre upgrade and a more powerful motor


The 1:1 Ferrari F40 is a cult car, Fly and both produce this model for obvious reasons. For my money the Fly version wins hands down. The may be slightly faster on the track and have better engineering but the Fly version has the sleek lines that reflect the 1:1 car and to be that is most important to me.

The Fly F40 comes as a kit with 30 plus pieces that can be put together in 20-30 minutes. Instructions are clear and all you will require is a little glue and perhaps a sharp knife.

This is a great slot car, details levels are fantastic, paint and decal finish are excellent and on track performance is very good and it's a Ferrari - what more can you ask for in a slot car!?

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