Wednesday, 17 July 2013

NEWS: Cursa Models VW Transporter

 Cursa Models VW Transporter
CWM003 and CWM004 - T1 Vasek Polak Team

The recent loss of Revell to our fine hobby makes you appreciate even more the unique slot enterprises that bring depth to our hobby, Cursa Models is such a company.  Cursa Models is a Sabadell (Barcelona) company dedicated to the development and reproduction of cars in slot on 1/32 and 1/24 scales and founded in 2004 by Mr. Juanjo Moya.

Cursa Models have recently released the VW Transporter and trailer, something that would look amazing on any slot car layout.  The new model is available as a fully painted and assembled model or as a white kit.

From Cursa Models: 'We are pleased to introduce our new 1/32 scale slot project, completely made by Cursamodels in a traditional way, as we are doing since more than 20 years ago, working with maximum quality and flexibility polyurethane materials.

It's the VW Transporter T1, which began to take shape in Wolkbourg over 50 years ago and has since been taken popularly various denominations: VW Bully , Samba,.., its also the surfer's van, but maybe the best known is that of the 60's hippies van. It was a very versatile model, which were menufactured basically in 4 types of bodywork: panel, pick-up, double cabin pick-up and finally the kombi, which is the one that we start the series.

We have chosen the Vasek Polak's team van, Porsche importer in the US in 60's, used to assist racing cars as well as used as a tractor trailer, carrying the Spider SRS racing Porsches.

Soon we will have the trailer ready for sale to complete the set, with and easy screw you can join the trailer to the van.

Limited and numbered versions

Ref: CWM-003 Assembled and finished ready to run (RTR) version, in a limited and numbered series of 150 units, as you can see in the photo. Includes an assembly and finished certificate by Cursamodels.
Ref: CWK-004 Complete kit with bodywork and slot-classic chassis, in a limited and numbered version of 150 units.

Kits unnumbered

Ref: CWK-001 Basic kit: bodywork and subchassis, without decals.
Ref: CWK-002 Complete kit: bodywork, subchassis and slot-classic chassis, without decals. Trailer
Ref: CWKR- 005 Trailer complete kit, ready to assemble. Ref: CWRM-006 Trailer painted, assembled and finished.'

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NorFlo Slotcar Racer said...

I REALLY value off the path vehicles

Cédric Hoet said...

Je voudrais savoir ou je peux trouvé se model complet et si c'est toujours disponible.

Cédric Hoet said...

Je voudrais savoir si je peux encore trouver se model complet,si vous avez un site.

Manic said...

Sure thing, head on over to Cursa Models webpage, (there is a link on my Links page). From the Cursa Models page select 'Dealers' to access their ebay store which makes purchasing Cursa Models items pretty easy (assuming you don't mind dealing on ebay). Enjoy.