Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NEWS: Airfix GT Racers

Airfix GT Racers 1/32

For longer than I can remember Airfix has been producing accurate plastic models, as a boy I had dozens of Airfix figther planes and bombers on my roof.

For a while now Airfix has been producing 1/32 scale plastic car models and have recently released 2 very exciting kits that would make for an excellent kit conversion to slot cars, especially onto something like a Slot.it HRS chassis, etc.

The 2 kits are the Aston Martin DBR9 and the Jaguar XKR GT3. The kits both have around 45 parts (although you won't require all the parts for a kit conversion) and come with painting instructions and decals. Left over parts can always be used for static scenery. Below is a photo of the Jaguar's body to give you an general idea.

You can find out more and order these kits from the Airfix Website Here


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