Saturday, 12 February 2011

NEWS: NSR 2011


Italia Slot have published some awesome photos of NSR's 2011 line up from Nuremberg including the new Corvette and Audi R8!!! It looks like NSR are seriously getting into GT territory and I'm thinking there won't be a single slotter complaining.

The Corvette C6R is bound to be very popular and the word on the street is it could be a NSR Mosler killer - Impossible right, lets wait and see?!

The NSR Audi R8 looks well advanced and will be running on a similar chassis to the new Corvette C6R which means its also going to be one fast car.

As no suprise, NSR are also releasing some reliveries of their existing line-up and there are some damn impressive looking liveries among them. Here are a few including a Jager Porsche, Gulf Ford P68 and Gulf Mosler.

The gulf P68 looks amazing but I think the high wing P68 looks even better, I've got to have one of those!!

No doubt a VERY impressive NSR line-up for 2011. You can find out more about the 2011 releases from the Italia Slot Website Here


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