Sunday, 13 February 2011

SLOT SOUL: Porsche 911 GT1

SLOT SOUL: Fly Porsche 911 GT1 98

I cant take credit for this respray as I found this lovely Camel Porsche 911 Gt1 respray on ebay. Originally a baby blue Racing EVO2 this car obviously needed some treatment and the Camel livery was the perfect answer.

When I got the car it had been raced hard and needed a little lift and a new set of rubber to improve performance. I added a set of Ninco PRO-RACE EVO Magnesium hubs which suit the car very well. I have used the Ninco hubs on a number of cars from different eras and they work and look very impressive.

You don't have to purchase a 'white kit' to get into creating your own slot cars liveries. Often you have a slot that you like driving so much that it starts to look a little old from wear and tear. You know the slots I'm talking about, we all have them and these slots are the perfect candidate for a respray. Revamping an old slot also has the bonus of providing you with brand new slot for the cost of a little paint and some decals.


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Anonymous said...

A bit more precise history about this slot:
This is the Porsche 911 GT1 Evo1 from the "Fly Racing" series. The original colour is in fact that "Yellow" as per the pictures. All I did was decorated it with Patto's decals and then I just used couple of coats of clear to seal them in. As can be seen, the car came out really well in the Camel livery. I sold it as new on ebay back around Sept 2010. You must be its third owner then :-)

I am quite flattered having one of my own featured on your site. Enjoy Roman (ROS)