Saturday, 21 December 2013

NEWS: Black Arrow DBR9 'Black Edition'

Black Arrow Aston Martin DBR9

Black Arrow have released a high performance 'Black' version of their already impressive track performing Aston Martin DBR9.  The upgrade including the orange angle-winder chassis, flexible body parts and lexan interior.  Full list of upgrades are as follows;
  • Body Car Kit (BABC01A)
  • Lexan Kit (BALE01A)
  • AW Orange Chasis Kit (BAKIT04)
  • Flexible Body Accessories Kit (BABCA01)
  • Mechanical Kit
  • 2 Golden Axles (BAAX55B)
  • 2 Copper Braid Tinned (BABR01B)
  • 2 Blue, 1 White and 2 Yellow Springs (BASP04A+BASP05A+BASP01A)
  • 2 Front Delrin Rims 14,8mm (BARI03A)
  • 2 Rear Aluminum Rims 15,9mm (BARI04A)
* Motor, tires and gears not included, kit for assembly * 

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