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SCENERY: Fryar Mt. Stage III

ManicSlots' Track Scenery
Fryar Mountain, Stage III

I have been working hard on what I'm calling Stage III of my home track, Fryar Mountain. Most importantly, I have finally built and landscaped 'Fryar Mountain' itself so the track name makes a little more sense. Below are some photos of the new section and some detail updates on previous sections, I hope you enjoy.

Firstly, here are some photos of the new section, my background is in Surveying so I have always had a soft spot for construction sites.
The construction machinery I used to landscape the track was pretty inexpensive plastic toys, around $AU30 all up. Scale isn't 1:32 but it's not too bad at around 1:40 I estimate. When I can find some more appropriate to scale diecast machines I'll be replacing these.
Fryar Mountain, (see below) the only thing missing is a few mountain climbers.
Below are some photos of scenery updates to previous sections of my track. Below is a New Ray truck I finally got around to respraying and adding some Michelin sponsorship. I fixed a platform into the rear of the trailer to house a slot being lowered from the trailer.
I have added some large signage to the circuit, the main part of the sign is made from MDF and the posts are balsa wood although you could use something else like doweling, etc. Sponsorship is printed on a colour laser printer and sealed with Aquadhere craft glue.
I use the Carrera lap timer which I find to be adequate timing to 1/100th of a second. The timer does however look a little ugly so I added a little sponsorship, Michelin and Shell sticker have been added to the back of the timer and it looks much more in place on the track.
I have this 1:32 scale helicopter attached to the roof over the track, it looks pretty good and I'll be adding at least one more on the track. I purchased it from Mr Toys for around $AU20.
I purchased a set of 5 Carrera flagmen, they are well painted and look good on the track.
I painted the Carrera pit crew's refuelling rig and added some sponsorship which improves the look of the refuelling piece.
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