Friday, 4 April 2014

NEWS: FlySlot and Avant Slot Join

FlySlot and Avant Slot join forces!

Well April brings some fantastic news for the slot car community, FlySlot and Avant Slot have signed an agreement to combine their knowledge and resources to create the perfect slot car.  FlySlot will bring their unmistakable talent for making accurate and highly detailed models to the partnership and Avant Slot will bring their engineering expertise combining to make a slot car that not only looks great but that also goes great on the track!

The only question I have is, will Fly Slot be re releasing some of our favourite slot cars of all time (Lola T70, Ferrari 512, Porsche 917K, Porsche 935, March 761, Williams FW07, Lotus 78, etc, etc, etc.) with ungraded Avant Slot engineering?  Boy I hope so... :)

From AvantSlot: 'Collaboration agreement between Fly Slot and Avant Slot Madrid two companies this morning signed a collaboration agreement framework which includes an exchange of "know how" and other strategic meetings which will strengthen both companies in the global market.

As major manufacturers of 1:1, inter business agreements are the basis for growth in the current difficult times. Thanks to this agreement framework, Fly Slot will benefit from Avant Slot experience in the creation of car racing. Thus they may be excellent reproductions of Fly Slot a new mechanic of Avant Slot that make them more competitive for use in track. Avant Slot will also reinforced its range to exploit moulds Fly Slot has not already sold, always improving the dynamics of each car, incorporating them interchangeable cradles, calibrated axles and transmissions of racing.

Finally, the agreement provides national and international partnerships that will make it easier to reach the final customer, improving the relationship with the channel of distribution and shops. The first products are already in production and will soon see the light. Fly Slot and Avant Slot have made an agreement, the two Spanish slot companies made an agreement today to share the know-how between them, this strategic agreement together have been fixed in order to enforce both companies in the global market.

Like the 1:1 big manufacturers, this kind of joint venture are the base to grow in these difficult days. Thanks to the agreement, Fly Slot acquire the Avant Slot's experience in racing cars. The high quality finish of the Fly Slot models, meets the Avant Slot fine mechanicals specs.

By the same way, Avant Slot increase the range by adding new moulds coming from Fly Slot. These moulds are not in use right now and will be come to life with new chassis, engine pods and all the needs to join the races.

Finally, the joint venture is also a commercial alliance to join national and international markets in order to achieve the final customer, improving the relationship with dealers. First references of this joint venture are under production and will be launch soon.'

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