Wednesday, 2 April 2014

NEWS: FlySlot March/April Releases

FlySlot March/April Releases
051103 - BMW M1, IMSA Watkins Glen 1984, Diego Montoya
045102 - March 761, GP Germany 1977, Ian Scheckter
005108 - Porsche 917K, Watkins Glen 1971, Derek Bell
202102 - Super Truck Mercedes Atego
2031 - MAN TR1400, Donington 2012, Jochen Hähn

FlySlot have been busy during the last few weeks releasing something for just about every motor enthusiast taste, from classic F1 through to super truck!  I do confess to be recently suffering from the '917K fever', symptoms include seeing blue/orange triple vision and funds mysteriously vanishing from your bank account!

Jokes aside, the latest Derek Bell driven 917K (limited to 750 releases) is a stunning looking release and a fine addition to the previous 2 Glen Watkins 6hr cars.  The GP Germany March is also a striking release in the 'Sportsman Larger' livery as is the black/blue/grey Mercedes Atego.  Plenty of impressive releases if you haven't already diagnosed yourself as suffering from '917K fever' that is.
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