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For those of you new to the concept of slot car proxy racing, it's basically entering a car into a series of races on various different tracks typically in different cities and sometimes even in different countries. This means that slot car enthusiasts from all over the world can compete in common events even though they may have never met. If you haven't entered a proxy before, I can honestly tell you it's a lot of fun and a great way to find out more about our hobby and meet like minded people.

Your entry must be built to a specified set of regulations that govern aspects such as type of car, body, chassis and running gear, (motor, gears, tires, wheels, etc). Cars are then raced by round hosts, (typically the track owner and a few friends) and points awarded accordingly to overall round finishing position. Points are carried throughout the entire series, (usually 6-12 rounds) and the final standings determined at the end of the series. Round results and photos are posted on the web after each round so you can follow your entries progress.

The 2008 Down Under Proxy Race, (DUPR) will be organised by members of the Auslot Forums. Last year's DUPR was held over 10 rounds between April and September in Australia. This years proxy will be a similar format but a different category of motor car. The photo below shows last year's impressive line-up of Classic Sports Racing Cars 1960 to 1971. This year the proxy category will be Sports Sedans manufactured prior to 1990. You can find out more about this category of motor car here;

There is an entry fee of $AU12.00 for Australian entries and $AU17 for overseas entries, (all fees include the cost of return postage). To find out more, head over to Auslot Forums where you can read about the proxy and become a member if you like. The best thing about Auslot Forums is it's free and run by guys who love slot cars!

Everything you need to know about the DUPR 2008 can be found on the Auslot Forums here;

You can find the Rules and Regulations for the 2008 DUPR here;

List of 'ready-to-run' slot cars that are eligible for the event can be found here;


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Jordan Mallory said...

I love this article and the pictures as well. I just got into slot car racing with my son. We have been doing it for a few months now and we are learning so much about it. I remember I used to love playing with cars when I was a kid but now you can drive them. We have been racing a few different tracks but nothing to serious. We really want to start competing with other racers but I think we need to make some adjustments to our cars. I was told to check out digital slot car sets because you have the ability to take over other lanes. I think this would be something to invest in before we start racing other drivers.