Saturday, 1 June 2013

NEWS: Porsche 962 Coke 'IMSA 86' CA25a Porsche 962 'IMSA 86'
Daytona 3hr 1986 have just released a new variant of the ever popular Porsche 956/962 family. The 962 'IMSA 86' shape looks great particularly the huge and aggressive air intake located behind the driver's cockpit.

Being a 'Coke' based livery this release is bound to be pretty popular with several types of collectors, slot or not.  Love the look (red and gold wheels), love the new shape, love the body weight; 16g - Nice work!

This from 'Good afternoon, We would like to inform you that in these days we will start to ship the new Porsche 962 IMSA - n.5 Daytona 3h 1986, code CA25a - Drivers: J.Weaver, B.Akin.

New tail "IMSA 86" shape, new cockpit, body weight of 16g, offset 0.5 motor mount, 16.5 mm rear wheels, official selling date: May the 31st.

The IMSA ‘GTP’ regulations required some modification from the Porsche 962 designed for the Group C. Front axle was moved 12 centimeters forward, to ensure driver’s feet would stay behind the center line of the front wheels.

The boxer 6 cylinders engine had a displacement of 3.2 liters; it was air-cooled, with only one turbo, 2 valves per cylinder, one single overhead camshaft. Car was raced by American privateers; Bob Akin’s was one of the best known teams, with red car number 5. The team owner himself, together with James Weaver, reached 4th place at the Daytona Finale 3 Hours, in October 1986.'

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