Friday, 14 June 2013

NEWS: Scaleauto BMW Z4 GT3

SC-6020 'Schubert Motorsport' BMW Z4 GT3
24hr Barcelona 2011 'Class A6' Winner

Scaleauto have just released some photos of their third BMW Z4 GT3 livery and its of the Schubert Motorsport entry that won the Barcelona 24hr enduro no less.  The livery is impressive, I particularly like the white grid pattern on the grey paint and the yellow tail should make for an eye catching livery on the track.

Scaleauto continues to release impressive looking slot cars with impressive engineering that handle very well on the track - every collection should have at least one. :)

Detail levels look fantastic (inside and out) and Scaleauto have captured the unique and aggressive look of the Z4 really well.  My only criticism would be the silver mags, the Schubert Motorsport Barcelona entry had black mags and I know livery accuracy will be an issue for some.  For me its more that I think the black mags would look way better on the car.

The above photo is the property of Schubert Motorsport.

The rear wheel arches looks awesome along with the rear splitter and exhaust detail, great work Scaleauto and keep them coming.

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