Thursday, 13 June 2013

NEWS: Pioneer Stealth Camaro

Chevy SS Camaro 'Stealth'

Well after hugely testing period for Jules and the Pioneer team it looks as though the hard work has all been worth it (especially for us).  For those who aren't aware, to ensure quality of product Pioneer has moved their entire production operation half way around the world, from China to the UK.  The release of Pioneer's Chevy SS Camaro will be the first slot car produced in the UK in almost 40 years - hard to believe!

This from the Pioneer Website: 'Yep its true. Pioneer will unleash their first UK offering in the shape of a Matt Black Stealth SS Camaro 21k Motor in two weeks time. Cars entered final assembly Thursday May 16th GMT, and we cant wait. It has been a massive feat but with the help of British manufacturing and production it will be the first slot car made in the UK for approx 40 years.. We believe the best yet!!!'

The Camaro looks bloody awesome in matt black but if you want one then I recommend you start making moves right now.  The second livery to be release will be the 'Sunoco' race livery followed by the Alan Green #7 car.

Released photos to date are small but as soon as I get some larger ones I'll be sure to post them.  10 points Pioneer!

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