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GALLERY | Scalextric Camaro SCA Frank Gardner C3316

Camero Z28 1973

The Frank Gardner Camaro was an eagerly anticipated release from Scalextric and one which attracted plenty of criticism on slot forums for the many differences between the race car and the model produced by Scalextric. 

Even before the model hit the shops Scalextric forum spokesperson Adrian Norman attempted to provide information on the rationale behind producing a car that is so clearly different.

"The Gardner Camaro is a pumped up version of the 1972 Camaro we have in general production. I made the decision to add it to the range knowing that there were considerable differences to our current tooling. Being aware that this is a very well-liked and well-known non-USA racing Camaro"

The purists amongst us won't be happy. Most of my fellow slot hobbyists are of the opinion that it's a terrific livery and something that will attract attention on and off the track. The only additional point I will make relates to the front fender which would have been an excellent addition to the car as Scalextric seem to have incorporated a circular guide holder in their 2013 Trans Am releases which is plain ugly and unsightly.

The original car was commissioned by SCA and was based on a 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 that was eventually transformed in to a FIA Group 2 car. A 550HP 427 alloy big block V8 was used the power the car. 

The car was driven by Australian Frank Gardner (1930-2009) who won an amazing 5 races in a row in the British Saloon Car Championship (BSCC) in 1973. The car eventually found it's way to a Dutch racing driver Bert Moritz and was found recently in a storage building behind the Moritz Tuning business in Amsterdam.

A number of individuals are attempting to raise close to $700k to restore the SCA Camaro to it's former glory. The fund raising is not going well they have raised less than 1% of the required funds. It appears at this point in time that we may never see the SCA Camaro restored to it's former glory.

The video link above is of Frank Gardner at Oulton Park in 1973.  
The good news for those amongst us who like the model/livery, Scalextric have announced a new SCA livery in the 2014 range.
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