Wednesday, 8 January 2014

NEWS: Sideways BMW M1 Norisring

Sideways BMW M1 Gr. 5
SW25, DRM Norisring 1981 winner, H.Stuck

Fresh for 2014, Sideways have just sent me some photos of their soon to be released BMW Norisring M1.  Group 5 slots have really taken off in popularity amongst slotters and I'm sure this offering from Sideways will be no different.  I wasn't that impressed with the first M1 livery (the Nurburgring DRM 1981) Sideways released and the Norisring slot isn't that much more interesting in my opinion.  Regardless, a beautifully detailed slot car that is bound to perform well on the track.

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Anonymous said...

Just bought this car, fitted foamies and removed magnet. Really well balanced,quick and tough. Perfect club racer on board tracks. Lots of adjustability in motor pod and suspension. 8/10