Tuesday, 29 October 2013

GALLERY: Slot Car Scenery - Adding the detail

Slot Car Scenery
Adding the detail, Fryar Mountain

I have been inspired of late to add some more detail to my slot car track layout, thank you Slot Mods!  In my experience, the more detail and realism you add to your layout, the more enjoyable your slotting experience will be.  Creating scenery is just another part of this great hobby we love and it's a creative and rewarding outlet so give it a go, you'll be surprised at what you can create.

I've always wanted to have a couple of mountaineers climbing  the various hills and mountains I have created on my layout.  An endless search for 1/32 scale figures of mountaineers during the last few years has unfortunately been fruitless.  I decided to convert 2 of my pit lane crew (Carrera figures) into adventures!

Firstly, I switched their heads for Carrera spectator heads and gave them some backpacks, (cut pieces of black foam) walking sticks and a coat of paint as they were originally white.  I then dry-brushed them as the Carrera figures have a nice level of mould detail.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out in the end and my son loves them on our track.

The next thing I wanted to create was a second crash scene somewhere on my track.  The thing that's great about this type of scenery addition is you take a slot car that's seen better days and up cycle it into a great bit of detail for your layout.
In my case I had this old Scalextric Mercedes DTM that hadn't been used in years, using a pair of needle-nose pliers I 'smashed' up the front of the slot.  I was trying to create the illusion that the DTM had smashed through the track barrier.

I removed the body and bent the front axle to create the illusion that the front right-hand wheel has been damaged in the crash.  The next step is for adults only please, to create the burn affect on the bonnet and roof, I burnt the slot until I achieved the desired look.  Obviously do this in a well ventilated area like outside.

Using a sharp knife I cut the crash barriers till I created the look I was after, add a few figures with yellow flags are you have yourself a nice little piece of layout detail
If you have been reading the various ManicSlots' how-to articles you may have seen this helicopter landing pad in the past.  To make room for a new grandstand it had to be relocated, I think it works pretty well in it's new position.  The pad is made from MDF (particle board) and I simply printed a 'H' symbol I created in MS Paint, I'm sure you could find a design on the web if you don't want to muck around creating your own.

The helicopter is 1/28 scale so a little on the small side but it works, add a few fuel drums, safety cones, some steps (made from balsa wood) and a 1/32 figure of 2 and you're in business.
The final new addition to my layout is a Michelin Man figure.  Believe it or not this is actually an air freshener made my Michelin for your car.  The figure is approximately 10 centimetres high so it's a good size.  Apparently they used to sell these in Kmart but I found one on ebay of course.  If you search for 'Michelin', you'll find all kinds of suitable items you could incorporate into your track scenery.

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Anonymous said...

Just curious the manufacture of the helicopter and were you got it?

Manic said...

Hi, the brand is Lafd Die Cast Helicopter at 1:34 Scale. Cheers Matt