Wednesday, 21 May 2014

NEWS: Scaleauto 'Home Series' Porsche 935

Scaleauto 'Home Series' announced
SC-9101, SC-9102 Porsche 935

So we've been sent some great photos of the just released Scaleauto 'Home Series' of slot cars.  Detail is still a little thin but what is clear is that this new range of Scaleauto slot cars is aimed squarely at the home racer.  What's exciting about that is that you don't have to be a pro to get the most out of these slots, I'd also wager that they would be a great choice to get the kids into this great hobby.

Detail levels look very high which is something I really wasn't expecting when I first found out about this new series for home racing.  Motors come standard in side-winder configuration, a old favourite of mine.  No news on gear ratios but pennies to pounds it will be 9 pinion with a 27 crown.  I'm really looking forward to testing a few of these puppies on the home track! :)

This information on the new series from Scaleauto: 'The new Scaleauto Home Series fulfills the needs for the beginner level and easy-gaming slot car enthusiasts.

Detailed 'Ready-To-Run' slot racing cars with sidewinder position motor and magnet.

Compatible with all types of analog slot tracks. Upgradeable with performance spare parts in axles, AL-hubs, tyres, guides and braids.

Chassis motor mount is not interchangeable. There is no 'digital direct' conversion kit available.'

For more information on Scaleauto's Home Series range, head over to the their website by clicking the below link.
Scaleauto Slot Cars
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