Wednesday, 7 May 2014

NEWS: Ninco Formula Black, Blue, Red and Yellow

Ninco 'Formula'
50696-50700 - Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and White

Ninco have released a range (5 in total) of basic looking Formula One slot cars clearly for club and home parity racing.  Simply referred to as 'Black", 'Blue', 'Red', 'Yellow' and 'White', (white kit) the 5 slots are void of any sponsorship detail but that would stop you adding some of your own.  The cars look to be themed on popular racing liveries, 'blue' car for example looks very Rothmans and the black car similar to a classic JPS livery.

They remind me a little of the classic Scalextric 'shadow' slot cars and performance  dependant, I think they are a great addition to Ninco's line-up.  Price does seem a little high as they will set you back around the same price as a standards Ninco release.  I can't determine if the cars come with front steering but they are pretty light at 73 grams, so depending on what motor Ninco have placed in these - they could fly!

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