Thursday, 15 May 2014

NEWS: Scaleauto Spyker GT2R (SC-6026)

Scaleauto Spyker GT2R
SC-6026 - 'Spyker Squadron', Le Mans 24hr 2007

Ok I have something special to share with you today, we've managed to get our hands on some exclusive upcoming Scaleauto Spyker photos and they are the bomb!  As you all know, Scaleauto have been working on the Spyker for some time now and this release has been one I've had my eye on.  Well judging from the below photos, the wait has been well worth it, the #85 and #86 cars look amazing in their orange and silver Le Mans liveries.

The first release we will see of Scaleauto's exciting new Spyker will be the team 'Spyker Squadron' (SC-6026) box set as featured below.  Important to note that the below box design and art is a prototype only and not the final design - personally I'd be damn happy if it looked exactly like the photo.  I can't wait to put these Spykers through some test laps, there's nothing like the release of a completely new slot car.

For more information on Scaleauto's Spyker release, head over to the their website by clicking the below link.
Scaleauto Slot Cars
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