Tuesday, 7 April 2015

VIDEO: The end of ManicSlots?

Is this the end of ManicSlots?

Ok so you might have noticed that ManicSlots has been a little a bit quiet of recent. Well it was time to move homes and unfortunately it's was just too difficult to move a 10 square metre slot car track without destroying it so it had to go.  But don't worry, I captured it all with time delayed photography and put it together so you can see the carnage!

While it killed me to see it go, I hope you enjoy the video.  The good news is that construction has already started on the new home of ManicSlots.

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AlotSlot said...

Nice video! I'm anxious to see the new track, but i thinck you have to work hard until you have finish again ;)

Unknown said...

Life is change!
I hope the new track is in progress.