Monday, 2 September 2013

NEWS: Mas Slot 'Mad Max' Interceptor

Mas Slot Mad Max Interceptor
MS-FS 003, Ford Falcon XB coupe 1973

Mas Slot have released something very special from their 'Slot Film' series, (particularly if you're from Australia).  Mad Max's Falcon XB 'Interceptor' from the 1979 movie Mad Max.  Made from resin and limited to 150 units this has to be the best 1/32 scale version of the Interceptor I've ever seen which is good as it will set you back a shinny penny (or two).

Detail levels are fantastic, just look at those side exhausts and the front grill!  The slot comes with interior lighting as well as front and rear lights.  The model is fitted with a siren (when fitted with a battery) although I don't know how often Max used the black Interceptor's siren in the movie.  The model also comes with 2 figures, Max the driver and the 'Toecutter' character featured in the movie.

From Mas Slot: 'Ford Falcon XB coupe of 73, which was the basis for the film Mad Max (1979) directed by George Miller and starring Mel Gilson.

Made of resin, with master made ​​by Dani del Toro.  Incorporates lights in front headlights, taillights and intermittent siren (with battery).

Figure includes Toecutte ("bad" in the film), a part of the car driver, the policeman Max Rockatansky.

Numbered edition limited to 150 units.'

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Caleb Vearing said...

Are you selling this? I am incredibly interested in it.

Manic said...

No, sorry mate...they were sold out long ago, your best chance to get one would be eBay but at 150 units you would be very lucky.