Sunday, 11 January 2009

NEWS: Scalextric 2009 Range

Scalextric 2009 Range
Presentation - The Classics

Scalextric recently released their 2009 model line up and it looks like there will be something for everyone. I thought I'd show some of the planned classic releases for 2009. I'm very impressed Scalextric has decided to release some more of the earlier F1 periods. The 1992 F1 Williams and McLaren are a fantastic addition to the Scalextric range. Now if we can just get them to revisit some of their earlier releases like the JPS Lotus and 6 wheel March Ford.

Some great news is Scalextric is going to release the Ferrari 250 GTO during the first quater of 2009. I don't think I'm the only one who will be keen to see what this release will be like. I always liked the Fly Ferrari 250 GTOs but it never reached the stardom of other Fly classic. Scalextric's release will give the 250 GTO front and rear lights which is something missing from Fly's releases. One area Scalextric may have trouble with will be matching the Fly 250 GTOs on-track performance.

The 'Brut 33' Mustang (below) is particularly exciting if you're an Aussie as it was driven by an Australian driving legend, Alan Moffat. I have seen many a Brut 33 Mustang respray so this release will be a VERY popular one Down Under, unfortunately we will have to wait till the third quater to get our hands on it.

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