Thursday, 22 January 2009

NEWS: Racer Alfa T33/3

Racer RCR47A/B
Alfa Romeo T33/3 #4 and #6

These photos in from Racer of the just released Alfa Romeo T33/3, enjoy.

Car number 6 (RCR47B) is the Alfa Romeo T33/3 that won the Buenos Aires 200 miles during 1970. It was driven by A.deAdamich and P.Courage.

Car number 4 (RCR47A) is the Alfa Romeo T33/3 that raced in the Buenos Aires 1000kms during 1970. It was driven by N.Galli/R.Stommelen.

As you would expect from Racer, the detail levels and paint finish on these new Alfas looks just amazing. Unfortunately I only have the pleasure of owning a single Racer but you certainly can tell a Racer when you see it. A slot car almost too beautiful to drive, almost. Front grill and intake detail look stunning, you have to love the Alfa Romeo heart and logo on the front grill.

For more information about the T33/3 or Racer slot cars,


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