Sunday, 4 January 2009

NEWS: SCX Redbull Fever

SCX Aston Martin DBR9 Redbull
SCX Ferrari 360 GTC Redbull
SCX Skoda Fabia WRC Redbull

I just received these Redbull SCX slots in the mail from Steve at SCX UK, thanks mate. They are impressive looking models and although the Skoda WRC isn't my type of car, I have to say it's very impressive on the track. Over the past few years I have developed a fondness for the 'modern' SCX slot car releases and these 3 slots strengthen that opinion.

Detail levels are high and importantly, these slots are a lot of fun to drive around the track. What's better is when my 4 year old son drives them I don't have a completely terrified look on my face. With the exception of Scalextric slot cars, I think modern SCX slots represent the best value for money on the slot market today.

Of the 3 slots, the Ferrari 360 GTC is hands down the fastest on my track. Times were 6.22, 6.83 and 7.14 for the Ferrari 360 GTC, Skoda Fabia and Aston Martin DBR9 respectively. I was pleasantly surprised by the Skoda as it doesn't have the SCX floating motor pod and is 4 wheel drive but still beat the Aston Martin. The Aston was having trouble keeping it in the slot and a small bit of weight up front may correct this resulting in better times.

You can checkout more lap times HERE

The Ferrari 360 is simply an excellent slot on the track and very enjoyable to drive. This is my second SCX Ferrari 360 and they are both great slots. If you've been thinking about getting a 360, stop thinking.

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