Thursday, 13 August 2009

GALLERY: Avant Audi R10TDi

Avant Slot Audi R10 TDi
3rd at Le Mans 2006

The ManicSlot Mini Review


  • Solid 'from the box' performance
  • High level of detail
  • Solid height adjustable front axle
  • Sprung glide
  • Floating motor pod
  • Rubber aerials
  • High standard paint and decal job
  • Strong non-magnetic performer


  • I'm not too keen on front wiring style
  • Front wheel looks a little small in diameter
  • Slot scale proportions look a little off


A nice slot car to drive, particularly once setup for non mag slotting. Avant Slot is here to stay and no serious collection would be complete without at least one of these impressive slot cars.

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