Saturday, 15 August 2009

NEWS: FlySlot Releases

Flyslot's First Releases

After much anticipation, Fly is returning to slot cars with the releasing of 4 models under the new 'Flyslot Cars' banner. Diber has released some photos of the new releases.

The release sees a completely new model, the Sunred SR21 GT car, (M01101 Sunred SR21 1ยบ Valencia GT2007). The model looks pretty impressive (rubber aerial, front head light detail, hinge and refuelling detail, grills) - it reminds me a little of a previous Fly release, the Saleen.

Close examination of the chassis reveals what looks like a second bar magnet just behind the front wheels! Motor looks like a long cam which it will need to be if that is a second bar magnet and clearance is low. I'm predicting this model to be fast on plastic!

Other Flyslot releases are;

  • F03101 Ferrari F40 Laguna Seca 1989
  • M02101 Riley MK XI 24h Daytona 2008
  • F02101 Ferrari 250 LM 24h Le Mans 1965

From all reports Flyslot pricing is going to be very similar to the old Fly slot car pricing, Madness slot cars prices will be quite a bit less.

You can order and view more photos at Slot Shop Here


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