Tuesday, 5 January 2010

NEWS: Racer Alfa T33/3

Racer Alfa Romeo T33/3
RCR 53A Le Mans 24hrs 1970 #36
RCR 53B Le Mans 24hr 1970 #38

Racer has just released some of their best looking slot cars and that's no small effort! The 2 Alfa Romeo T33/3 that raced in the 1970 Le Mans against the might of Ferrari, Porsche and Mantra. Unfortunately both cars did not finish the race, the #36 Alfa due to piston and electric failure, the #38 Alfa due to an accident.

Four Alfa T33/3 competed in 1970 at Le Mans (#35 and #37) so I'm sure Racer have their eye on the two remaining liveries for potential future releases. The #36 livery is particularly striking, Racer have done a fantastic job accurately reflecting the 1:1 Alfa T33/3, just look at that profile, incredible!

You can view more photos of the slots on the Racer Website Here


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